Major Changes to FBC-Residential (R-3)

The changes found in the Florida Building Code 2014-Residential (R-3) are becoming effective on June 30, 2015. The changes in the structural category for residential buildings are as follows:

“ASCE 7-10 Code will remain. Chapter 44 FBC High Wind Velocity Hurricane Zones was removed in the new code and with that the Design Prescriptive methods for Foundation design. The traditional footing design code prescriptive of 16”x16” and 16”x24” and the prescriptive minimum reinforcement for the one and the two story structures respectively, will not be in the new code. The transfer reinforcement bars along the perimeter of the foundation # 4 spaced 12” o.c. x 5’-0” long min will not be there either. What this means is that ALL houses will require structural calculations by a structural engineer and the results will be equal or less than existing. It will be done by compliance method.”

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