The Structural Engineer and the Construction Process.

The main role of a structural engineer during the construction process is to focus on the physical integrity of the buildings for such to meet the building codes and ensure the safety and durability of the structure. Unlike architects, structural engineers must solve the complexity of the structural elements rather than focusing on the design aspect of how it will appear from the outside perspective. However, Structural Engineers must follow the guidelines that are set for each element to be safe while maintaining the architects’ vision of how the structure will look in mind.

However, the Structural Engineers scope varies on what is needed of them. They work both in the office and outside on the field. The locations may vary depending on the project itself. Structural Engineers are required to have knowledge of physics, 3-D conceptual skills, and they must be proficient when it comes to problem-solving. Overall they must meet certain required skills to provide a professional, sustainable and safe project.

Structural Engineer will be the key link for the Contractor during construction, and throughout the process of the project.

Structural engineers will deal with calculating the loads and stresses of the construction. They must figure out how much the structure could safely withstand without collapsing. To be a skilled Structural Engineer they must be knowledgeable of the different construction building materials to ensure a cost-effective proficient design.

Structural Engineers will also serve as inspectors if required. They have the knowledge to testify and guarantee that certain structure still complies and are safe, as well as give their professional opinion on what needs to be addressed for the building to meet the legal safety standards. They have the capacity to inspect a site and determine the suitability of the actual location and the proposed structure. They must have the ability to handle unforeseen conditions, and find solutions.

Structural Engineers must possess more than just the knowledge of the career, they must also have the communication and interpersonal skills as such are required to be professionals in the industry. Communication plays a huge role in a Structural Engineers day to day task, they must coordinate and consult with all the members involved in a project. The Structural Engineers in a way will act as the management identity, take on the responsibility to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that inspections are being performed as required.

The fact that Structural Engineers have such a high impact on the outcome of the construction means they must keep up with continuing education and polish up on their strict standards. The engineering world is very competitive and to be recognized as a qualified skilled engineer it is vital for them to have the professional work experience, education, and communication skills to network and maintain healthy relationships.

structural engineer

structural engineer

To summarize the Structural Engineers role in the Construction Process, the Engineer will first and foremost create a narrative that will cover the basics of the project which include the materials that will be used and a broad overview of the final plan. The engineers will  then design by laying out the actual structure, coordinates, and identifying potential areas of complication in the design. Once the design development has been finalized they must present a detailed project plan to be distributed to the construction crew. The general contractor in charge of the main construction operation will then be the main person involved with the engineer to address all of the Submittals, RFI’s, field questions and site visits to ensure that the projects progression is going as per plans.

Engineers have to maintain efficient and cost effective designs that will have the quality and stability to provide many years of safety and endurance.

Engineers are there to provide solutions by offering a options when it comes to achieving the goals that are needed in order to fully execute every project. The main goal of the project is something that needs to be established by knowing your capacity as an engineer and getting to know what your client’s goals and concerns are at the very beginning. Project constraints such as budget, deadlines, environmental conditions, and the rigidity of design are something that engineers will provide the most knowledge for when it comes to construction. Additionally when issues and questions arise they are your go to source to keep that project on task and minimize delays or over budget.

Eastern Engineering Groups approach when it comes to project managers and assigning them a new project is simple.

We have a highly qualified staff of professionals and we try to match the project manager to the project that suitable to their strongest qualities by their past experience. Structural Engineering in Florida means overcoming many design complications due to the weather and geographical conditions. Therefore it is imperative that as we deliver our projects we ensure our clients with a safe, cost efficient and creative final design. Eastern Engineering Group offers quality of work but also high level of customer service by maintaining our clients’ needs as a priority and communicating with them to eliminate any concerns up front.

Our firm has an extremely unique method when it comes to coordination and maintaining direct lines of communication. However we do this and still guarantee that the entire team is aware of all of the unique elements of each project.

Eastern Engineering Group as part of its Construction Administration Services provides:

  • Shop drawings and calculations review, to verify their compliance with specifications in construction documents. Eastern Engineering Group will furnish the Client with stamped copies of the shop drawings and calculations that reflect the outcome of the review.
  • Revisions and corrections made necessary by Requests For Information (RFIs) during the construction stage. Eastern Engineering Group will maintain close communication with the Contractor(s) and Client in order to support construction expeditiousness. Eastern Engineering Group will not charge for time spent addressing information that was not specified on the construction documents.
  • Field inspections to assess the structural conditions of the work in progress, and compliance with permitted plans and drawings. If the number of inspection originally estimated varies during the life of the project, Eastern Engineering Group will ultimately invoice for actual inspections performed.
  • Coordination proceedings necessary for successful completion of the project. Coordination may include, but not be limited to: personal meetings, conference calls, telephone calls, emails and facsimiles. Coordination efforts may involve: Client, Owner, Architect, design team in general, Contractor and other relevant parties during the life of the project.
  • Site visits, with the general purpose of assessing and/or verifying existing field conditions as the work progresses.

Structural Engineer will be the key link for the Contractor during construction, and throughout the process of the project

With all that being said…

When you think about it, you come to the realization that communication has to be with not just the design team but also the facilities and entire  staff/team that will work, contribute or affect the structure during and after the construction is complete. Having this in mind from the beginning allows us as engineers to address all concerns that may arise throughout the projects lifespan. This comes extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with difficult circumstance such as structures that are being designed around other already existing facilities.

Structural Engineers contribute in many different way to ensure that the construction process goes smooth and the structures that are being built offer longevity and require the least amount of future maintenance or modifications.

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