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Inspecciones de recertificación

40 Year Recertification Inspections: Services

Eastern Engineering Group has been conducting 40 Year Recertification inspections for years. We have worked closely with various clients to complete over 200 inspections required by Miami-Dade County. Once we’ve scheduled an appointment, one of our Professional Engineers will arrive at the site of inspection and carry out the procedure. All paperwork required from us is prepared completely and accurately.

40 Year Recertification inspections

We carry out inspections with the highest legal and ethical standards, making sure to inspect every structure thoroughly. Our list of clients includes The City of Miami Beach, The City of Hialeah and dozens of homeowners. We’ve also completed various 40 Year Recertification inspections for different companies, such as Golden Sands, Damian J. Gallo & Associates, Bachiller Iron Works, and other small business owners.

If you require professional inspection services to complete your 40 Year Recertification process, please contact us for a quote.

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