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Goals For 2019 And A Recap Of 2018 Goals and Accomplishments.

Structural Engineering Company

Goals For 2019 And A Recap Of 2018 Goals and Accomplishments.

With every end of the years’ comes a new year to look forward to new challenges and possibilities. It is important to recognize the obstacles that we overcome and to reflect on how much growth we can experience within our normal day to day routine. Eastern Engineering Group is a different kind of structural engineering firm.

Goals are important because they give you an end of the line, you work hard every day to meet the deadlines and to push yourself forward to accomplishing that milestone.

Our company has always taken pride in the quality of our work and our customer service.


Our work can be found throughout Florida, as well as a diverse range of states all over the nation and in certain areas of the Caribbean. Our clients include private investors, architects, contractors, manufacturers, and public agencies at every level of government.



What were our goals in 2018?

2017 was a great year, but we wanted to push ourselves a little further and determined that one way we could see improvement was within our number of completed jobs. After reviewing our analytics through us in house developed software PAS Concept and seeing the physical numbers we determined that we wanted to go over 1,000 Projects prior to the end of 2018.

Another goal that we determined as a company was to redesign our company website and work on our online presence by utilizing different social media platforms.

We determined that we wanted our website to be a direct representation of our firm, after all, Eastern Engineering Group is a different kind of engineering firm. We are accessible, reliable, and provides innovative Engineering.

Eastern Engineering Group, is where tradition meets innovation.


How did we do with our 2018 goals?

We accomplished over 1,000 Projects before the year ended.

We have seen every one of our Engineering Divisions excel and hit new milestones. Eastern Engineering Group is beyond thankful for the hardworking team that upholds our firm’s quality of service, and to our loyal customers who continuously provide and trust us with new challenging projects!

Our company had the opportunity to collaborate with clients that have been working together with us for many years which always makes us happy, because it allows us to see that they are satisfied with our work and continue to trust our company to provide them with their engineering services.

We also had many new clients that brought in challenging work, and new concepts that have expanded the way we do things. New clients always bring new methods of customer service and expectations. Our company’s first priority when it comes to clients is to maintain those connections, because this ensures our company that they are happy with our services and that our product meets their standards of quality. Eastern Engineering Group takes pride in knowing that we are here to achieve their design and meet their deadlines is something we value and sincerely appreciate their loyalty to our business.

We had the opportunity to be involved as part of the team of Engineers that worked on the components for the 60,500-square-foot mansion in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, Le Palais Royal was also known as the Florida mansion. The $2 million staircase made out of imported South African marble, with 22 karat gold leaf finishes took two years to construct, overall Le Palais Royal took seven years to complete.

Eastern Engineering Group was also a part of the team of professionals that are bringing the new vision for Royal Caribbean’s new Port of Miami Terminal into a reality. We have been involved as the Engineers for the Specialty Components, our scope of service has varied throughout the project as we have worked with various companies addressing all of their specific calculations as per their area of service.

Our firm also had the possibility to collaborate with the design team on one of the projects being showcased on Netflix Series “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes” Season 2 first Episode known as “Casa Canal”.

The Miami Beach Spec Home that was designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK-27 has a palette of exposed concrete, stone, and teak wood all set within Raymond Jungles landscaping. The property features a 200 ft bridge railing made of IPE Wood with Aluminum frame support and glass railings at the roof and the second floor overlooking a man-made lagoon that was part of the engineering provided by our specialty engineering division.

Additionally, we had the implementation and redesign of many of our Social Medias. As a firm who is technology savvy creating multiple online platforms that facilitate our clients’ needs by providing instant quotes and proposals; we made sure that our online presence was a clear and accurate reflection of that.

What are our goals for 2019?

As a company our overall goals for 2019, are to implement new methods that encourage interaction on social media and provide a variety of informative and interesting sources of information for our clients and those who are interested in the engineering world. With an increasing number of people turning to google and other online platforms to validate services from local businesses it is important to transmit who we are and what we do to the best of our ability. From building a mobile user -friendly website to starting a content marketing campaign, there are many methods to reach our clients online.

Following up with costumers will be a big focus for our company this upcoming year. Our firm is extremely fortunate and this upcoming year we want to gauge customer loyalty and clients’ perception of the business and know what they are expecting from us in order to achieve their needs. In order for our company to focus resources toward improving products and services for customers where it is needed most, we will be implementing short, simple ways to communicate feedback.

Another goal we want to set will be to make leadership a key component among our staff. Our current employees are part of our brand and seeing them identity of our company will either encourage customers that want to work with companies where employees love their work and are treated fairly. If they see a lot of negativity, they may second guess doing business with us all together.

We want to accomplish this by training our employees, offering sessions to help them learn new skills as well as to motivate and encourage them to share information about our company through their own social channels and in their own words.

There is nothing more authentic and transparent than hearing about what a company is truly like than through its employees. Typically happy employees lead to happy customers. Honestly a corporate brand on social media transmits more than a copy of images that are placed online via profile pages. More Often than not, it’s how you communicate, not what you communicate, that defines and delivers the company as a whole.

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