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A Different Kind of Structural Engineering Firm in Miami


A Different Kind of Structural Engineering Firm in Miami



Eastern Engineering Group is a different kind of structural engineering firm in miami that is accessible, reliable, and provides innovative Engineering. Our experienced structural engineers can help you with everything your project requires from the structural shell to all of its components.

Our firm brings functionality to the aesthetics of your design all while still remaining cost-efficient.

Eastern Engineering Group, is where tradition meets innovation. Providing all engineering services under one company

Our work can be found throughout Florida, as well as a diverse range of states all over the nation and in certain areas of the Caribbean. Our clients include private investors, architects, contractors, manufacturers, and public agencies at every level of government.



Our Company has the knowledge and experience to carry out any project to its completion.

Our firm’s past projects include new buildings, modifications, structural design of high to low complexity specialty engineering systems, specialty engineering components and field inspections Additionally, Eastern Engineering Group has developed a variety of software programs to conveniently provide online services for 40 Year Re certification Request, Instant Structural Quotes, Wind Load Certificates and Shop Drawing Quotes.

In addition to conventional structures, we also provide structural design services for specific-use structures such as,  gymnasiums, air-traffic control towers (ATCTs) and prefabricated building foundations.

Eastern Engineering Group also possesses a license of special inspector as required by the state of Florida and is able and ready to perform inspections during the construction phase in accordance with the plan prepared by your Engineer of Record. The primary goal of the inspections will be to verify compliance of construction works with the approved permit plans and documents. Letters addressing the state of compliance of the building, required for permitting procedures, are included as part of the scope of work for all of Eastern Engineering Group’s inspections.

We have worked closely with various clients to complete over 200 inspections required by Miami-Dade County. Once we’ve scheduled an appointment, one of our Professional Engineers will arrive at the site of inspection and carry out the standard procedure. All paperwork required from us is completely and accurately prepared. We carry out inspections with the highest legal and ethical standards, making sure to inspect every structure thoroughly.

Eastern Engineering Group’s Specialty Engineering team has a wide range of experience with protective systems including railings and guard rails of all varieties.

Our experienced Structural Engineers can provide the support your project requires and help you balance function, economy, aesthetics and maintenance in your design.


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