The Structural Engineer and the Construction Process.

The main role of a structural engineer during the construction process is to focus on the physical integrity of the buildings for such to meet the building codes and ensure the safety and durability of the structure. Unlike architects, structural engineers must solve the complexity of the structural elements rather than focusing on the design aspect [...]

The Structural Engineering Kit: Must Have Tools

In this post called Structural Engineering Kit will see that in the world of Structural Engineering, technology plays a huge role in how things are done. Going back throughout the years when most plans were handmade to modern day with all these new sophisticated software designed for architectural engineering. First and foremost, lets cover the [...]

Goals For 2019 And A Recap Of 2018 Goals and Accomplishments.

With every end of the years' comes a new year to look forward to new challenges and possibilities. It is important to recognize the obstacles that we overcome and to reflect on how much growth we can experience within our normal day to day routine. Eastern Engineering Group is a different kind of structural engineering [...]

Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase for November 2018.

Structural Engineering can be described as an art, a skill, or a professional career. However, you see the term really reflects on the scope of work for that specific project. Whether engineering is an art, a skill, or just a regular profession, we continue to be amazed at the creativity of each design that is [...]

40 Year Recertification Inspections: Eastern Engineering Group Services

Eastern Engineering Group has been conducting 40 Year Recertification inspections for years. We have worked closely with various clients to complete over 200 inspections required by Miami-Dade County. Once we’ve scheduled an appointment, one of our Professional Engineers will arrive at the site of inspection and carry out the procedure. All paperwork required from us […]

40 Year Recertification: Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County, among various other municipals in Florida, has implemented the 40 year recertification ordinance as part of the Miami-Dade County Code. The current version of the code has been active since 2001, with continuous enforcement by the cities’ law officials. It applies to all incorporated and unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County. Business, residences and […]

Our Licenses and Certifications

We are proud to be licensed in different states. Professional Engineering Licensures: Florida Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Mississippi Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Virginia Wisconsin Special Inspector Licensure in the State of Florida


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