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April Newsletter- April Showers of News!


Our firm carried out the structural engineering and threshold inspections for STADIUM TOWERS, a 7-story apartment building that will be located in Miami, FL. We guarantee the safety and quality of the project through our experience and knowledge, ensuring compliance with the necessary regulations and requirements for construction in the area. Thus, the building features modern facilities and a prime location, making it an attractive option for those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle in one of the most vibrant cities in South Florida. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Gallo Herbert Architects and proud to join their talented team.


The Cat and Dog walk

Cat and Dog Walk is an outdoor art installation held at Bayfront Park, featuring sculptures of various breeds of cats and dogs created by a total of 52 local artists. Its purpose is to pay tribute to these special beings that provide us with unconditional love, companionship, joy, and comfort in our daily lives. Furthermore, it aims to raise awareness within the community about the need to promote animal welfare and encourage responsible practices in their care.

The Cat and Dog walk

Our engineers specialized in this discipline carried out the engineering of these works with a high level of dedication and commitment, resulting over 50 impressive large-scale aluminum sculptures. We take pride in contributing to the enrichment of the artistic and cultural scene of the city of Miami. Likewise, we believe that events like this are crucial to inspire both the artistic community and the general public. Therefore, we hope that initiatives like these will continue to promote creativity and cultural development in our community.

Building Recertification


Miami Dade County implemented changes to the Building Recertification Program. We have compiled all the details for your convenience.

Buildings three stories or higher must undergo a mandatory inspection at the 25 Year Milestone. The inspection identifies potential vulnerabilities and applies to those built on or after 1998 within three miles of the coastline.

Buildings with 10 or fewer occupants and 2,000 sq. ft. or less are exempt. All other interior buildings must undergo mandatory 30-year recertification.

When a building undergoes a 25 Year Recertification or a 30 Year Recertification, the same inspection will be performed every 10 years. The 10 Year Recertification will apply to those buildings that have passed any of the previous inspections once a decade.

The study is used to set the reserve amount and it is conducted every 10 years for Condo/Cooperative buildings that are 3 stories or higher. The purpose is to determine the remaining useful life of various common building components for budgeting replacement.

Miami Date County


by Yanaisy Pichaco – Eastern Engineering Group Marketing Department

Miami Dade’s Building Recertification Program ensures residents’ safety by inspecting buildings over 40 years old. Inspections are every 10 years, now called the 30-Year Inland Inspection. Furthermore, Condos and Cooperatives over 3 stories high, within 3 miles of the coastline, recertify at 25 years and every 10 years thereafter. Thus, this article guides building owners and managers on receiving government letters and using the Building Recertification Portal.



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