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Architecture in Nevada: Must See Structures!|arquitectura en Nevada||

Discover Nevada’s Must-See Architecture

What is the first thing you think of, when you think about the state of Nevada? Most people will come up with a handful of different topics; such as: Las Vegas, Casinos, desert landscapes, wild nightlight, and epic pool parties worth drooling over. Yet, a surprisingly incredible feature being overlooked on that (very small and super generalized) list, is an impressive detail worth mentioning; the over-the-top, brilliant architecture! We’ve put together a list of some of the absolute MUST-SEE works of architecture in Nevada worth checking out on your next trip. Lets dive right in!

The Esmerelda County Courthouse: Goldfield, Nevada

Before we marvel at the back to back jaw dropping line-up Las Vegas has to offer; lets check out what the rest of Nevada has to offer. Our first stop, is a scene straight out of an old-school country western movie: The Esmerelda County Courthouse located in Goldfield, Nevada. Built in 1907 this historic 2-story courthouse is STILL in-use, and now used to house government offices. Yet most of the interior decor, matches the exterior, in the sense that it gives a glimpse back into an earlier time. Those whom have visited the courthouse have said walking in the door is like taking a “step back in time as the interior maintains much of the original decor“.

Visiting the Courthouse

Some of the maintained original features to note are the original Tiffany & Co. lamps, and 1907 courthouse furniture. The exterior includes a rusticated stone aesthetic, with crenellated corner parapets and a central stepped parapet offering a almost-castle-like appearance. In addition to government offices, this piece of historic architecture in Nevada dually serves these days as a museum for tourists. Admission to the historic courthouse is free. Alternatively, the courthouse does accept and appreciates donations to continue preservation efforts.

The Historic Fourth Ward School Museum: Virginia City

Next on our list of must-see architecture in Nevada, is the historic Fourth Ward School Museum in Virginia City, Nevada. Incase the name didn’t give it away, The Fourth Ward School Museum originally served as a school house. Yet this school house looks stunningly different than the ones we’re used to these days. For the Fourth Ward School Museum was a school-house all the way back in 1800’s! Serving students from 1867 all the way through 1936 this building is brimming with history and the Mansard roofed exterior is no less satisfying.

After a handful of vacant decades, the building was restored and opened as a museum in 1986. If you’re interested in checking out this historic schoolhouse it’s open to visitors from May throughout October.

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health: Las Vegas

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…Pack your bags everybody; we’re going to Vegas!! But before we hit the strip and dazzle our sights on the on the breathtaking hotels and casinos, we have two must-see pit stops. First up, is the incredibly intricate and brilliantly designed Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Not exactly a place you’d think to find on a must-see travel list, but this is truly a building unlike any other, and spectacular at that.

Designed by superstar architect, Frank Gehry, the center was opened in 2010. Lou Ruvo and fellow businessman Billy Baldwin initiated the project “Keep Memory Alive” with the intention of furthering Alzheimer’s research, in addition to other memory related diseases.

A MELTING Building?!

Truly a jaw-dropping spectacle, this architecture in Nevada consists of a 60,000-square-foot complex that resembles the stunning illusion of melting buildings! You read that right. It literally looks, as if two giant steel buildings are melting together in the Vegas heat. The illusion takes place by the joining of two radically different buildings by a partially clad steel trellis. The trellis in which simultaneously shades an outdoor patio. “For me, architecture was a necessary marketing tool,” Ruvo says. “We wanted a statement that would show we were serious about curing a disease and would let the doctors know we were not underfunded.” One glimpse of this masterpiece, and I would have to say Mr. Gehry delivered on this, and then some!

Fashion show Mall Las Vegas

Fashion Show Mall: Las Vegas

From melting buildings, to a space-age, Jetson’s-style mall; architecture in Nevada has quite the extensive range in theme and decor. Next on our list of must-see architecture, let’s check our the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. Home to over 250 stores and restaurants to explore while you’re there, this unique architecture features a sci-fi design setting it apart from your typical fashion mall. Its most distinct feature having to be what looks like an enormous flying saucer; topping of the building. This “saucer” is actually a 412-ton steel disk added in 2001. The structure is 128 feet above the mall, and provides shade for guests. In addition the disk serves as a projection surface for advertising and event purposes. Incase you’re there on a weekend: the mall hosts fashion shows on retractable runways in the mall’s central atrium.

The Venetian! : Las Vegas

Want to feel as though you’ve just been teleported to Italy, without leaving the U.S? Then allow us to introduce you to, the world-famous Venetian Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stepping into The Venetian is like stepping into a Venice dream; complete with Gondola rides and Michael Angelo inspired ceilings. Ready for a fun fact? The Venetian resides on the site of the Sands Hotel & Casino which imploded in November of 1996.   Three years later, in 1999, The Venetian would bring an incredible over-the-top architecture not yet introduced to the strip. Furthermore, this building isn’t just simply “Venice inspired”, and more authentic than one may assume. The building itself was constructed of Italian materials and painted by Italian artisans; ensuring its spot-on detail. This includes the use of green stones all the way from the Alps and Botticino marble incorporated in the main colonnade’s columns.

The Big Three

The entire resort is comprised of 3 skyscrapers. The towers consist of The Venetian, The Palazzo, and Venezia. The newest addition being the 1,013 room Venezia tower. The $275 million addition is expected to cut the Strip resort’s overhead cost per room by as much as 12%. This is of course being added into the original $1.5 billion price of this stunning resort and casino.

The Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

The Luxor Hotel & Casino : Las Vegas

Saving the best for last, The Luxor hotel and casino is quite possibly the most impressive masterpiece of architecture in Nevada. The iconic massive pyramid hotel contains over 4,000 rooms, ringed balconies, restaurants, bars, and as expected; a casino. The top of the pyramid holds a light beam that happens to be the strongest in the world, and is visible up to even 300 miles away! Incase the epic pyramid structure isn’t impressive enough on its own; a grand replica of the Great Sphinx stands guard in the front of the Luxor. If this Sphinx wasn’t already a part of the Luxor experience- it would also be added to our list! 😉

Exiting Nevada

Well, that concludes our tour for now of some incredible must-see architecture throughout Nevada! As you can see, Nevada has plenty more to offer in addition to its exciting night-life and desert landscapes. Equally exciting – Eastern Engineering Group is also proudly licensed in Nevada! Incase you’re looking to add to the stunning architecture of the state; be sure to give us a call. We’d love to make your Nevada dreams come true! Until next time!

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