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August Newsletter - Farewell to Summer

August Newsletter – Farewell to Summer

Summer’s sunsets are upon us as August marks the final month of the season. As the days grow shorter, we reflect on the engineering triumphs and projects that have illuminated this summer. In our August Newsletter embrace the changing season with us as we gear up for new challenges and opportunities ahead.

August Newsletter- Air Traffic Control Towers

ARCHITECTURAL MARVELS : Showcasing Extraordinary Projects We Have Been a Part of


Eastern Engineering Group designed this impressive 115-foot air traffic control tower for Melbourne Airport. The tower features a sturdy structural system with 10” thick precast concrete walls, pre-stressed concrete joists, and a reinforced concrete slab on grade. With a cab framing in a 4-column configuration using HSS structural tubing, it offers unobstructed 360-degree visibility. The tower is supported by a rigid Mat Foundation.

Our company proudly participated in the CTBX Aviation team’s efforts for the Air Traffic Control Towers project. This initiative aimed to replace an outdated tower that no longer met Melbourne International Airport’s standards. As part of a student-driven project , FIU student David Manosalva chose to interview professionals involved in a structure of his choice, and he selected the ATCT. Through interviews with Brian Lally, owner of CBTX Aviation, and our very own Alexis Martinez, Director of the Structural Engineering Department, we gained valuable insights into the meticulous planning and conception of the ATCT.

Don’t miss this fascinating interview to uncover the details behind the exciting Air Traffic Control Tower project! Click above to watch it right now!



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