What’s the Scope? – A New Initiative for Students !

What’s the Scope? is a new initiative for engineering and architectural students hosted by Eastern Engineering Group. If you are a student that wants to participate in this “Scooping” contest, you will be assigned a series of activities to complete via social media. Before each contest, our firm will be releasing the rules through our […]

What is Structural Engineering? – ✎ Unraveling Engineering

What is structural engineering? Engineering is usually a discipline that is hard for many of us to fully comprehend. Not because we aren’t smart enough, but because is not something we take the time to educate ourselves with. In my case, if anyone would even mention the word I would literally imagine random equations that […]

The Structural Engineer and the Construction Process

The main role of a structural engineer during the construction process is to focus on the physical integrity of the building. Structures must meet building codes to ensure their safety and durability. As well as effectively communicating between all parties involved in a project. Structural Engineers follow specific guidelines for each element to be safe [...]

The Structural Engineering Kit: Must Have Tools

In this post called Structural Engineering Kit will see that in the world of Structural Engineering, technology plays a huge role in how things are done. Going back throughout the years when most plans were handmade to modern day with all these new sophisticated software designed for architectural engineering. First and foremost, lets cover the [...]

Goals For 2019 And A Recap Of 2018 Goals and Accomplishments.

With every end of the years’ comes a new year to look forward to new challenges and possibilities. It is important to recognize the obstacles that we overcome and to reflect on how much growth we can experience within our normal day to day routine. Eastern Engineering Group is a different kind of structural engineering […]

A Different Kind of Structural Engineering Firm in Miami

WHAT MAKES EASTERN ENGINEERING GROUP UNIQUE? Eastern Engineering Group is a different kind of structural engineering firm in miami that is accessible, reliable, and provides innovative Engineering. Our experienced structural engineers can help you with everything your project requires from the structural shell to all of its components. Our firm brings functionality to the aesthetics [...]

Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase for November 2018.

Structural Engineering can be described as an art, a skill, or a professional career. However, you see the term really reflects on the scope of work for that specific project. Whether engineering is an art, a skill, or just a regular profession, we continue to be amazed at the creativity of each design that is [...]

Guidelines for Threshold Inspections.

To understand the guidelines for threshold inspections one must first understand what a threshold inspection consists off and requires. In the state of Florida, according to the 2018 Florida Statutes Chapter 553, Building Construction Standards defines a “threshold” building as any structure that is composed of more than 3 stories and/or over 50 Ft in [...]

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