Wind Loads on Architectural Attachments

Here at Eastern Engineering Group, we offer structural engineering internships every semester, and we love to be around students. We have had the pleasure of meeting brilliant minds through our student initiatives, and we are proud to share their work on our platforms. In this case, we will be sharing a research project regarding wind […]

Structural and Civil Engineering Companies Collaborating with Architects in Aviation Projects

As we enter the month of December, we welcome the arrival of the most magical season everyone has been waiting for ✨. The holidays give us the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality time with our loved ones as we celebrate together the most wonderful time of the year. That being said, it is no mystery that […]

Frost Museum of Science – What’s the Scope? Student Interviews

Located in downtown Miami, Florida, the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science offers to their visitors the opportunity to experience the well-known WOW effect (fascinate, excite, and shock) in a single building. Unique for its architecture with 250,000 Sq.Ft, it combines technology and balance with the environment; without leaving aside beauty and harmony, where […]

Engineering Students During COVID-19 Crisis by David A.Perez

COVID-19 took all of us by surprise and forced us to adapt to a digital environment where we could interact safely. For Engineering Students, it was definitely was a challenge to accommodate to online classes. As a Mechanical Engineering student, being able to complete my junior year online was a challenging experience. When you become […]

What’s the Scope? – A New Initiative for Students !

What’s the Scope? is a new initiative for engineering and architectural students hosted by Eastern Engineering Group. If you are a student that wants to participate in this “Scooping” contest, you will be assigned a series of activities to complete via social media. Before each contest, our firm will be releasing the rules through our […]

What is Structural Engineering? – ✎ Unraveling Engineering

What is structural engineering? Engineering is usually a discipline that is hard for many of us to fully comprehend. Not because we aren’t smart enough, but because is not something we take the time to educate ourselves with. In my case, if anyone would even mention the word I would literally imagine random equations that […]

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