How Does a Structural Engineer Think? – ✎ Unraveling Engineering

The human mind is an extraordinary ocean full of magic and mysteries ✨. The thoughts that stroll around our brains are enchanting secrets that we get to share with ourselves. I remember once reading that the term “think” is affiliated with the intellectual activity of the brain. It is the interrelationship of various ideas that […]

City of Doral and Eastern Engineering Group – Art in Public Places

Walking through the tropical mural paintings of City Place, while on your way to Kuba Cabana for dinner, you will find yourself in the middle of the enchanting atmosphere that has been flourishing in Doral ✨. The City of Doral was established in 2003 and has significantly grown since then. According to The Miami Herald, […]

Eastern Engineering Group – Quality in Every Detail

Eastern Engineering Group is firmly set on delivering high quality services and products, while constantly improving them further. With this in mind, we strive to identify and meet prevailing quality standards among customers, considering their priorities. Each person throughout the company’s hierarchy levels is accountable to perform their duties in the most professional matter. This […]

Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors – Eastern Engineering Group

Eastern Engineering Group is a woman owned Civil and Structural Engineering firm, located in sunny ☀️ Doral, Florida. We help architectural and construction designs fulfill their intended purpose, while maintaining their artistic perspective. From the structural calculations of the main framing, to all the components and foundations of a structure. Our firm can help you […]

Structural Calculations for The Crown of Miami – ✎ Unraveling Engineering

Strolling through the warm breeze down MacArthur Causeway, while contemplating the deep blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean, you will find yourself mesmerized by The Crown of Miami.  Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Terminal has earned its majestic name as it resembles the shape of a giant crown made of glass. To accomplish the vision of a […]

Structural Design and Structural Analysis – ✎ Unraveling Engineering

From the astonishing high rises in Downtown Miami, to the spectacular Cruise Terminals along the port, Miami is truly an architectural museum. There is no doubt in the fact that these iconic visions are the product of very creative minds. However, engineering plays an important role behind the functionality of these designs. While architecture may […]

What Does a Civil Engineer Do? – ✎Unraveling Engineering

The role a Civil Engineer plays in any type of project, is very crucial for the functionality of a city. What does a Civil Engineer do? Google may summarize their function by saying they “create, improve and protect the environment in which we live in”. Above all, there are several analyses Civil Engineers do that […]

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