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Beautiful Structural Designs in Miami

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes Miami such a unique, desired, and iconic destination, talked about all over the globe? Is it the stunning man-made beaches? Epic nightlife? Unique fashion and incredible art? Maybe it’s an exciting flavorful mix of everything! Miami is known for making statements and creating iconic styles. But this style and artwork isn’t just incorporated into fashionable clothing, modern art and mesmerizing spray-painted walls. Miami also exudes art and beauty in the form of stand-out structural designs worth noting and exploring. Today let’s check out the tallest skyscraper in Florida, visit what is now known as the “Crown” and the “Pearl” of the Miami Port, and explore a stained-glass masterpiece known as The Jewel Box.

Panorama Tower Miami Architecture
Image my LoopNet

1. The Panorama Tower

Here at Eastern Engineering Group, we’re located in the one and only, Miami, Florida, so for this one we’re going to take it a little closer to home. Introducing, the Panorama Tower! Located in the heart of the Brickell District, overlooking the breathtaking Biscayne Bay, the Panorama Tower breaks records with it’s exquisite presence alone. At an enormous 85 stories tall and 868ft. high, the Panorama Tower is not only the tallest skyscraper in Florida, but the highest rising residential tower south of New York! This building is SO huge, (“howww huge is it??!!”) that the Federal Aviation Administration had to get involved and give its approval for the building’s design!!

Beyond Luxury

The word luxurious doesn’t do justice for the Panorama Tower. The amenities include multiple swimming pools, 3 movie theatres, saunas, a gym, a cybercafé, and a peaceful spa-not only for humans, but one for PETS as well! Yes, even pets live their absolute best lives at Panorama Tower! And why not?! They deserve to.

For the children there’s an entire waterpark as well as a playground to make memories and enjoy the day. For music fans and musicians, there’s also a specific reserved area where they can play their instruments without disturbing other guests or tenants and can jam as loud as they’d like! The tower also includes a wine-bar where residents can safely store their bottles away, as well as 2 social rooms for celebrations and special events. This is all of course in addition to the 205-room Hyatt Centric boutique hotel for visiting guests, and the 821 luxury apartments that are available for rent, after you fall in love and decide to stay forever!

The tower’s grand lobby architectural designs were created to be spacious while providing ample natural light. Above the reception area, the ceiling is made of gilded metal, while below begins a corridor of wooden beams through which you can enter the 821 luxury apartments. All apartments feature spacious living areas, hurricane-resistant floor-to-ceiling sliding windows, beautiful hardwood floors, large eye dazzling glass balconies and grand walk-in closets- (also eye dazzling ;)! The offices provided are open and spacious, offering beautiful views along with total peace and quiet, thanks to highly soundproof rooms with double plastered walls and insulation.

Much Deserved Credit

The architect credited for this record-breaking tower of luxury, is Moshe Cosicher, while the brilliant engineering team to thank is DeSimone Consulting Engineers. President of Florida East Coast Realty, Mr. Hollo actually revived the project after the great recession in 2006 put a halt to the tower’s progress and stopped the project from coming to life. After acquiring the building in 2012, Mr. Hollo obtained the financing necessary and announced the project’s exciting revival and construction.

Between its prime location, and modern-day luxurious atmosphere, Panorama Tower is an absolute must-see, if not a stay forever type of thing.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Miami Architecture

Image by DDA Engineers P.A

2. Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal

Fun-fact!: Miami is actually famous for being the cruise capital of the world! So if you happen to be taking to the seas for your next adventure, Port Miami is not one that will disappoint to set the mood. Particularly, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal! Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Terminal is located in Terminal A of Port Miami. The architectural geniuses at Broadway Malyan created this stunning state of the art structural design. DDA Engineers, P.A. was responsible for the brilliant structural engineering of this exciting sight for the traveling eyes. Additionally, we are proud to say our team of Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors performed the structural calculations for the curtain wall window system installed at this gem!

 “When our guests arrive for their much-anticipated adventure at this modern architectural marvel, we want every moment to surpass their expectations — from the very first moment.” 

Royal Caribbean can rest assured that they’ve achieved their goal with this one.

The “Crown of Miami”

The terminal has even gained the fitting nickname, “The Crown of Miami”. According to Architect Magazine, this is due to the structure’s shape which evokes the points of the symbolic headgear when viewed from the water. Yet the design gets even more creative than that! When approaching the terminal from the East or West direction, you can recognize the “M” for Miami. When viewing the architectural structure from the side, the building seems to symbolize the image of waves or ships passing. Quite the cool double illusion if you ask me!

When designing the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal, they prioritized clear views. Designer’s wanted passengers to have the opportunity to see their cruise ship upon arrival at the terminal; causing the excitement to begin immediately. At night the terminal offers an entirely different, yet equally mesmerizing impact. At sundown, 142 LED surface-mounted RGBW floodlights illuminate the entire building, giving off a beautifully captivating blue glow. Additionally, 835ft of color-changing linear LEDs lining the building’s crown, cascade down to accentuate the terminal’s unique form. Due to this beautiful lighting design, the cruise terminal was even entered into the 2020 “[d]arc awards“.

Designing for Royalty

In efforts of reducing negative environmental impact, they created structural designs with sustainability in mind. These enhancements include rainwater collection and recycling; further used for cooling, irrigation, and even toilet flushing!

Cost and efficiency were held in high regard when deciding what materials would be used in the design. A simple prefabricated frame, prefabricated flooring panels, and a repetitive system were used. This allowed the core of the building to be constructed quickly. Steel beams form the shape of the building’s profile, while the roof is made with waterproof aluminum. Aluminum fins and spacing enable ventilation for the parking levels. These are on the south side of the structure which includes 1,000 spaces, loading bays, and passenger drop-offs including taxi and bus stops.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal’s sleek structural designs will definitely capture your gaze and leave any modern-architect fan pleased. Definitely one glowing way to start your next vacation off right!

Image by Haskell

Norwegian Cruise Terminal Miami Architecture

Image by Travel Weekly

 3. Norwegian Cruise Terminal

While we’re on the topic of incredible structural designs at Port Miami, the new Norwegian Cruise Terminal, is certainly one that deserves equal recognition as well. Global architecture firm, Bermello Ajamil & Partners designed this 188,000 square feet, stand-out terminal. The structural engineering team at DDA Engineers, P.A. brought to life the structural designs of this tremendous terminal…And hey! Our amazing team of engineers also performed the structural engineering of the window system for this beautiful terminal! This impressive architectural structure today receives the name of the new “pearl” of Miami.

Stated best by Frank Del Rio, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd himself: “Norwegian has been sailing from Miami for over fifty years, longer than any other cruise line, and we are honored to be partnering with Port Miami and Miami-Dade County to construct an iconic terminal that will contribute to Miami’s world-famous skyline and strengthen its position as the Cruise Capital of the World,”. And that, he did!

Certified Gold!

The design of this state-of-the-art terminal successfully accommodates ships of up to 5,000 passengers. Additionally, the terminal features new technology to assist with faster expedited processes. Perfect, right?! The faster we check-in, the sooner vacation BEGINS, and we embark on our journey! Piña Colada, please!

The innovative Norwegian Cruise Terminal received the LEED Gold certification. This means it exudes Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Designers achieved this by optimizing energy performance, indoor air quality, water efficiencies, and maximizing use of local materials and resources. The project’s construction includes around 122,000 square feet of energy-saving glass features, helping achieve this honor. In addition, Norwegian announced a partnership with Miami-Dade County to make the terminal “Shore-Power Ready” by fall of 2023. This would include reducing polluting emissions from ships while docked. An example I personally hope many others will follow.

The Norwegian’s original cost of the project was an estimated $165 million, which grew to around $215 million by completion. Due to the pandemic, they had to delay the terminal’s opening. Fortunately, in August 2021 the terminal was finally open and ready to help passengers set sail and embark on their journeys!

The Jewel Box Miami Architecture
Image by YoungArts

4. The Jewel Box

The next stop on our adventure around beautiful architectural structures is Miami is a project you must see for yourself to fully experience. It is a colorful kaleidoscope of true beauty, known as The Jewel Box. Located in midtown Miami, the Jewel Box has become a landmark. This incredible structure emphasizes the modern architecture of Miami while incorporating natural surrounding elements like the sun into its stunning beauty. At first glance, the Jewel Box seems to be a mesmerizing floating cube of stained-glass perfection. Harnessing the light from the sun, the building literally beams beauty in every direction. Upon closer inspection, you come to realize The Jewel Box is actually a giant cube-shaped structure, strategically placed on a smaller cube allowing the structure to give off a levitating effect, to the iconic masterpiece above it.

Ignacio Carrera-Justiz was the author of the structural designs of The Jewel Box. The Jewel Box’s large cube structure hovers forty-seven feet above the ground. Located on Biscayne Boulevard, the mosaic glass walls of the building are based on designs by German artist Johannes Dietz. Also intriguing, the images of the mosaic-stained glass walls actually depict the rum-making process! For example, how stalks of sugar cane convert into molasses.

Inner Beauty for the National Young Arts Foundation

The beauty only continues on the inside of the structural design of this magnificent building. Huge mirrors decorate The Jewel Box’s interior from floor to ceiling. This thought-out feature allows the building to glow when the light shines through the colorfully bright stained-glass windows. The mosaic-stained glass windows allow geometric shapes and colors to form and shine on the inside, creating a brilliant kaleidoscope effect. This changing light show only enhances already stunning performances by these impressive emerging artists and students.

Commissioned by Bacardi, The Jewel Box’s completion took place in 1975. The Jewel Box’s “partner building” is The Bacardi Tower in NY. In 2012, both buildings became headquarters for National YoungArts Foundation, an American charity that nurtures emerging high-school artists. The Jewelry Box serves as not only a one-of-a-kind performance venue, but a school for talented art students in the National Young Arts Foundation.

Come Check Out Miami!

Miami is constantly adding to its extensive list of must-see places. Between record breaking skyscrapers, cruise terminals glowing in the night sky, and creative designs harnessing the light of the sun; incredible structural designs in Miami do not go unnoticed. The beaches are awesome, the fashion and food are great, but you could find the true beauty of art in every direction you look; including in the innovative interior and exterior structural designs all around!

©️ 2022 Eastern Engineering Group wrote and published this article. All rights reserved.


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