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Building Recertification Portal: Miami Dade County

Building Recertification Portal: Miami Dade County

Like we have mentioned in previous articles, the Miami Dade County Building Recertification Program has been recently adjusted for the safety of its population. The Miami Dade County Building Recertification Program consists of performing safety structural and electrical inspections for buildings that are 40 years old, and again every 10 years after the first inspection. On the recent Miami Dade Webinar that was directed to building owners and managers, they mentioned that the new Recertification Program has reduced the inspection cycle from 40 to 30 years, it is called the 30 Year Inland Inspection. The new Ordinance and State Law also modified the recertification cycles for Condominiums and Cooperative buildings 3 stories or taller within 3 miles of the coastline must recertify once the building becomes 25 years old and then every 10 years thereafter.

The fundamental purpose of this article is to inform building owners and property managers on the steps they need to take after they receive a letter from a government entity and how to use the Building Recertification Portal of Miami Dade County.

Building Recertification Process

For properties that require certification, the property owners for buildings, condominiums and cooperative associations, will receive a notification to initiate the process, because their building has just become subject to recertification. The code gives them 90 days to submit the required report. Information about recertification policies and forms is available online.

After receiving this notification, the person managing the property needs to find a professional, such as a Structural Engineer to begin the inspection process. We advise the owner or manager to make sure that the company hired for this service holds a Professional Liability Insurance and that they have extensive experience performing this type of job.

The company selected will perform the inspection, and write a report with the deficiencies of the building. This first report needs to be submitted to Miami Dade County Building Recertification Portal. If applicable, the property owner or manager will need to take action to address the required repairs that need to be executed. For this, the property owner or manager will need to request a specific permit from Miami Dade County.

Once the repairs have been completed, the Structural Engineer or selected inspector will need to perform a reinspection to make sure the building is safe for its current occupancy. This final approved report of reinspection needs to be submitted to the Miami Dade Recertification Portal.

Building Recertification Portal

  1. To submit the recertification inspection report, head to:
  2. Click on the “Submit your Recertification” button.
  3. Click on “Submit for Review”.
  4. You will reach a page with general instructions and guidelines. Miami Dade County will only accept Structural and Electrical Recertification Reports on County provided PDF fillable forms.
  5. Once the upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation number and confirmation email.
  6. Complete the fields specified on the page, add report files, and submit. You will be asked to pay a fee of $403.12. Recertification reports will not be reviewed if payment has not been processed at the time of submission. To pay, please visit https: // and enter your case number starting with “FYear”. For example: “F2022”.

How to Track the Building Recertification Submission

  1. To track the Recertification Submission, head to:
  2. Click on the “Track Recertification Submission” button.
  3. Type your tracking, application, permit or invoice number, and then click on the search icon. (The search icon is the blue magnifying glass)
  4.  Review the status of the submission.

Other Actions at the Building Recertification Portal

There are several other actions that can be performed at the Miami Dade Building Recertification Portal beside submitting the Miami Dade Recertification Report and reviewing its status. These actions include the payment of Recertification fees, Recertification Data Portal, and Building Violations.

Pay Recertification Fees

  1. To pay the Recertification Fees, head to:
  2. Click on the “Pay Recertification Fees” button.
  3. On the ePayment landing page, you will be able to pay: Re-Inspection Fees, Fire Re-Inspections, and Impact Fees.

Recertification Data Portal

The Data Portal Linked to:, is a great tool where you can search the status of Miami Dade building recertification cases from May 1996 to the present. You can search by folio number, address, owner name, street number, and case number.

Building Violations

In case you would like to know if a building has any violations, you are able to access this information through the Miami Dade Building Recertification Portal. Once you click on the Building Violations button, you can search for Regulation Cases of work without a permit, expired permits that lack mandatory inspections, unsafe structures, and other building code-related violations.  

Building Recertification Portal: Miami Dade County

Moving forward, building recertification laws will be more recurring than before, and it is important that property owners and property managers are well informed about these laws. For any questions you may have regarding 25 year milestones, 30 year recertifications, 40 year recertifications, and all the inspections 10 years thereafter do not hesitate to contact Eastern Engineering Group. We have broad experience performing these inspections, and we also provide structural repair plans. Be safe!

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