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Casa Canal. A Beauty of Nature|casa canal

Casa Canal. A Beauty of Nature

A Beauty of Nature

Here in South Florida, we are famous for the luxury lifestyle of sunny tropical weather and the paradise-like ambiance of the great outdoors. But what if I tell you it’s possible to bring that same touch of tropical paradise INSIDE, merging the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly? Well, I’m here to tell you that dream has become true with the incredible construction of a property known as, Casa Canal! The location of this beautiful house is 4567 Pine Tree Drive, in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. Casa Canal is a high-standing residence that merges the most luxurious modern and advanced architecture with designs that embellish the natural beauty of the tropics. The innovative structure morphs this house into a true tropical paradise. 

Let’s Take a Better Look

You’re probably wondering what gave Casa Canal its unique name, and what does a canal have to do with a beach house? This house relies on the beauty of nature, not all of its stunning qualities are natural. The property owes its name to the fact that it was built on an artificial canal, over Indian Creek Lake. That’s right, they have their own swimmable lagoon. Just in case the heated saltwater pool, or the entire ocean that’s right out front isn’t cutting it. Talk about having options!

With 6 bedrooms, and 9 bathrooms, this 14,498 SqFt. property checks off all the boxes one can ever dream of! In addition to its private lagoon with fish, Casa Canal also houses; a gym, steam and massage rooms, a covered basketball court (authenticated by the NBA of course!), a rooftop patio, the heated saltwater pool previously mentioned, and also a stunning 60-meter-long bridge that runs throughout the entire property. What does an actual dream house like this go for? It has been listed in the past at $30 million, no big deal! 

Brilliance Since Conception

As you can imagine, this incredible thought-out masterpiece didn’t just happen overnight. In other words, the project for Casa Canal started in 2013 and didn’t end until 2017. The architectural direction of Studio MK-27, founded by the renowned Brazilian architect, Marcio Kogan, and constructed by Brodson Construction Company, performed the design of Casa Canal. Therefore, the engineers’ first task was to analyze and identify both the advantages and the vulnerabilities of the land to be built. On one hand, the main advantage recognized was the extraordinary view of the ocean and the surrounding vegetation. On the other hand, the disadvantages primarily included weather concerns, such as the threat of cyclones, hurricane season, rising sea levels, and strong winds. After identifying and analyzing these variables, plans for the projected Canal House began. 

EEG – Here to Represent!

Our skilled experts at Eastern Engineering Group were thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of this paradise-like project! Our team of Specialty Engineering for Structural Components had the honor of contributing to this attractive work. Under the supervision of our incredible Director of Structural Components, Mr. Mario Morales, we immediately got ourselves prepped and prepared to fulfill the assignment. The focus point of the design team was achieving the architect’s goal. The goal was to design a structure focusing on land usage and its interrelation with nature.

In fact, to access the higher level of the house, the team structurally engineered an impressive 60-meter-long undulating bridge. Moreover, concrete columns support the walkway while the vertical protection is made with teak wood slats. These components provide different views along the way, enhancing the already exciting experience it is to walk across. 

Our team at Eastern Engineering Group worked enthusiastically on the engineering of the bridge, the bridge’s handrail, a few different gates, glass railings, as well as fences. All of which provided great functionality, security, and excellence. 

Stairway to Heaven or Bridge to Paradise?

This remarkable bridge rises over the house’s artificial lagoon located in the garden of Casa Canal. It is hard to dismiss the creative thought put into the design of this project. As a result, the architects were able to deliver an experience that is not only a delight to the eye but truly captivating. They accomplished offering changing views of the house, garden, and surrounding areas as one advanced over the bridge. The viewer continuously perceives different angles of any object on which he or she places their attention.

Architecture and nature merge, providing security wrapped with a view of stunning tropical landscaping. Additionally offering one-of-a-kind experience along the way. The integration of architecture and nature not only added beauty to the project, but also neutralized the looks that surround the residence. Ingenious designer, Raymond Jungles, performed the landscaping and managed to create a remarkable environment suitable for paradise. 

All the Bells and Whistles

True to its surroundings, the house opens almost completely to fresh air and natural light. Give me all the sunlight and ocean air! The front and back of the house are fully glazed. Sifting the entry CASA of light, the glass design generates lights and shadows that texturize the environment. The front slides from the facade line form a large terrace, taking advantage of the fabulous views and benefiting from the abundance of light and tropical air. 

Casa Canal Distribution

Two concrete blocks define the environment of Casa Canal providing the feeling of a Duplex house. The first block, known by the architects as “The Auxiliary Building”, you can find it at the entrance of the house. Here is where you can find the spa, massage rooms, and technical area. Just like if you were close to heaven, this block simultaneously provides the function of blocking the noise coming from the avenue. Moreover, it prevents the passage of intruders from the garden. Which is perfect, because I can’t have background noise interrupting my spa day; “I’m trying to get my zen on over here! – Hellooo!” 

In the second and longest block you can find several amenities; the suites (all with a view of either the garden or canal), the hall, TV room, service areas, bathrooms, garage, terrace, pool, ELEVATOR, and an external garden with a mirror of water. That’s right, this dream house comes equipped with its very own elevator, and I don’t know if I’m more impressed with that or the fact that there are even more gardens to look at! 

The third and final block, transversal, houses the social area. Here you can find integrated stunning living rooms, the dining room, and dream-like kitchen. Casa Canal also features a covered terrace that occupies the entire block and offers wonderful views of the canal, pool, as well as the avenue. 

An Interior Fit for the Beauty of Nature

The brilliant Artefacto and Jader Almeida managed the interior design of Casa Canal. By utilizing contemporary design pieces and less furniture, the designers were able to achieve open spacious areas, overflowing with personality. To transform the residential spaces of the property different residential areas come together as a flawless masterpiece. 

See it Yourself!

It’s one thing to read about Casa Canal and its one-of-a-kind features that make it unlike any other property out there, and a whole other to witness yourself with your own two eyes! This innovative construction that Eastern Engineering Group proudly contributed to, is part of the Netflix Series, “The Most Extraordinary Houses in the World”! Dazzle your eyes and witness this stunning work of art; Someone will be lucky enough to call home sweet home and live every day in paradise. 

A Win for Everyone

Projects like Casa Canal are continually breaking the mold and pushing the boundaries on what defines a property. These innovative works revolutionize and adorn our environment. Most modern works are based on global concepts that interrelate architecture, interior design, and landscaping and build off one another. Let’s continue to strive at living in cities that share architectural development, which embellish the nature that is already surrounding us. These epic groundbreaking constructions improve the quality of life for everyone who gets to witness their glory and delight their eyes. But what are you waiting for?? I already told you, it’s on Netflix… Go check it out and experience the wonder for yourself!!!

©️ 2022 This article was written and published by Eastern Engineering Group. All rights reserved.



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