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Eastern Engineering Group. Quality in Every Detail

Eastern Engineering Group. Quality in Every Detail

Eastern Engineering Group. Quality in Every Detail

Eastern Engineering Group is firmly set on delivering high quality services and products, while constantly improving them further. With this in mind, we strive to identify and meet prevailing quality standards among customers, considering their priorities. Each person throughout the company’s hierarchy levels is accountable to perform their duties in the most professional matter. This allows our company to establish, implement, maintain and control these quality standards. Procedures and resources are constantly under review in order to facilitate the excellent execution for jobs to every client.

We are a Structural Engineering Company

Eastern Engineering Group’s Standards Manual

On the Technical aspect of our company, Vice-President Gonzalo Paz, has written our very own Standards Manual. “Eastern Engineering Group’s Structural Design and Drafting Standards Manual” contains a checklist that each engineer must follow during the design and drafting process. This checklist helps minimize any errors in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, this also helps guarantee the high quality work we are constantly promising our clients. For our Threshold Inspections Department, our company uses various tools that allow quality control in this department. These tools include: Field Report Punch List Forms, Comprehensive on-site Photos, Results of Lab Material testing, all saved in organized files of each project. Moreover, all finished work must be reviewed by the Project Manager/Engineer of Record/ Special Inspector, to ensure the design is complete and in accordance with the calculations required.

Our Logistics

We provide our company personnel with all the necessary resources to ensure optimal work conditions and support all processes. The company is proud to incorporate a tool that has been designed by our Vice-President, Fernando Torres. This software is called PasConcept and was designed to help our administrative department perform around our operational needs while being effective and efficient. This innovative program allows the company to manage every aspect of every project in terms of time, schedule and budget. It also provides control and storage of the information of clients and projects. The following are some of PasConcept’s quality-control functions:

  1. Entry and storage of project data (owner, cost, budget, schedule, designer-engineer assigned to it, etc.)
  2. Employees daily time-sheet, configured for hourly entry of time spent on each job.
  3. Email notification to designers/engineers of job assignment, which contains a description of the work required in each job.
  4. Extranet access for Clients, allowing them to view and approve online our proposals to them. Clients have access to the evolution of their project(s) by examining online PDF copies of the drawings in process.
  5. The ability to process analytics useful for each department manager, including which employee is more suitable for each project and how much available time they have to perform it.

Eastern Engineering Group has been successful and has been able to grow over the course of these past 14 years, because of its ability to adapt to market changes. Our company is able to understand that it needs to constantly change and innovate, in order to remain relevant within our industry.


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