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Exhibición de proyectos

Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase for November 2018.

Structural Engineering can be described as an art, a skill, or a professional career. However, you see the term really reflects on the scope of work for that specific project.

Whether engineering is an art, a skill, or just a regular profession, we continue to be amazed at the creativity of each design that is presented to us. With every new project our expectations and what we once perceived as limitations get challenged and the concept that started as an idea, we find a way to make a reality.  

Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase

Every month we like to look back at our work and reflect on what we learned as a company to continue our professional growth. Our Windows and Doors Engineering Division is currently working as a Specialty Engineers on the Century Park Project, and the Palma Holiday Inn Project. The Century Park Project is a combination of a 6 Story Residential Building and two 5 stories Commercial Buildings. The Palma Holiday Inn Project is a 5 story Hotel.

Century Park

Century Park

]Palma Holiday Inn

Palma Holiday Inn

Specialty Engineering Structural Components Division performed the Structural Analysis and design for the Artwork suspended in an indoor hall at the Cruise Terminal A of the Port of Miami.
Three clouds formed by pentagonal or hexagonal plane tubular and suspended by cables. The materials used were Stainless Steel and Structural Steel. The Artwork was fabricated in Germany. The Specialty Engineering Division also completed multiple miscellaneous metal designs such as a Trellis and Staircase for a Residence located at 436 Ocean Blvd. The Staircase hanged from the rooftop of the structure had a Central stringer with peculiar tread support and marble finish, glass railings with standoff and a wood cap.[/vc_wp_text][vc_column_text]Cruise Terminal A of the Port of Miami.

Cruise Terminal A of the Port of Miami

436 Ocean Blvd. Residence

436 Ocean Blvd. Residence Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase [ Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase

The Structural Engineering Division completed the Structural Design of the Project “Pier 7”, a modern mixed-use building that consists of a Residential multi-story structure that included retail on the First Floor, a Parking Level, and a Rooftop Terrace urban design. Our Structural Engineering Division also commenced working on the preliminary structural framing for “Immenble Cayala” a new 3-story structure Office Building, which is going to be built in Haiti.

Pier 7 at Miami River

Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase

Immenble Cayala

Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase

Eastern Engineering Group is honored to have the opportunity to work in a country like Haiti that went through extreme devastation due to natural disasters, and now is working hard towards developing itself by making progress and redeveloping.

Prior to the Earthquake that took place in 2010, Haiti’s structural building plans, design, and construction had close to a non-existent relationship with Building Codes. Like most underdeveloped countries around the world, Haiti’s biggest challenge was the limitation on the availability and cost of construction materials, leaving the country to face many design challenges.

Nonetheless, with great challenges come great opportunities for growth.

“The tests we face in life’s journey are not to reveal our weaknesses but to help us discover our inner strengths. We can only know how strong we are when we strive and thrive beyond the challenges we face.” 
 Kemi Sogunle

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