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Engineering Students During COVID-19 Crisis by David Alejandro Perez

COVID-19 took all of us by surprise and forced us to adapt to a digital environment where we could interact safely. For Engineering Students, it was definitely a challenge to accommodate to online classes. As a Mechanical Engineering student, being able to complete my junior year online was a challenging experience. When you become an upperclassman in college, at least in engineering, your normal classes become more real.

Engineering Just Got Real

Instead of taking history or English, I was taking manufacturing or mechatronics. This meant that all the schoolwork was starting to be more like what I am going to be experiencing in real life. There was almost no homework, but the amount of workload was even more. It all translated into projects that we had to build and more hands-on tasks that would help us with the designing of products in the future. This was a really exciting experience while it lasted. It pushed our limits to something new that with the other subjects in college you would be okay with just googling or reading that part of the book. I would say that here is where the real engineering career begins.

Engineering Students During COVID-19

All of a sudden, this global pandemic hits the human race. At first everything stayed the same, but as the cases raised and people became more aware of what this really meant all the schools started to move online. This was a huge change, projects that I had to work on throughout the semester and would be due to the end of it were on the air. I could not work the same way that I had learned since the beginning of my junior year.

Engineering Students had to adapt and learn on a way to accomplish the goals that we had set at the beginning of the semester. In order to make this happen, we had to either change the process or basically adapt to our new situation. The building of some projects became more virtual, and others we had to change our complete approach to them. To conclude, I think that this is a lesson. I don’t think that this is going to be a step back to any engineering student that really wants to be an engineer. The world is changing, and everyone has to adapt, and I feel that our generation is even more ready for the changes in the future thanks to this crisis.

***David Alejandro Perez is constantly interning with us at Eastern Engineering Group. David, we all love you so much, thank you for sharing your experience during this chaos.***

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