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Everything you need to know about Residential Structural Engineering|Residential Structural Engineering||

Everything you need to know about Residential Structural Engineering

There’s no place like home! Your home provides a sense of comfort and security that isn’t quite matched anywhere else. What’s better than coming home from a long trip, and finally sleeping in YOUR own bed again?! (*It-is-magical!*) On the surface, one might believe they understand the work that goes in to building a structure such as a home residence. But when it comes down to it, there are copious amounts of information, detail, design, mathematics, and engineering skills that are required to successfully build a home that can be considered safe and secure. And what’s more important than knowing your loved ones, pets, and treasured belongings are all safe and sound? Thankfully, we have Residential Structural Engineers who make this all possible!

What is Residential Structural Engineering?

Residential Structural Engineering is a division of engineering that specifically focuses on the design and construction of residential structures such as houses. In addition to single-family homes, residential structures can also include townhouses, multi-unit dwellings, and any structure that has been built for the purpose human habitation. Residential Structural Engineering can include work on pre-existing structures as well. This includes home extensions, renovations, etc.

What does a Residential Structural Engineer do?

A residential structural engineer is a civil engineer that specializes in the building and renovation of homes and living facilities. These engineers have the ability to perform tasks such as conducting inspections to ensure construction work was performed properly, as well as prepare the reports that are the product of these inspections. These inspections can be preformed for new construction projects as well as pre-existing structures. In addition, residential structural engineers can advise architects and clients on the building materials necessary for home construction and renovation projects.


Suitable or Unsuitable?

It is always important to check the condition of roofs and foundations after years of wear-and-tear. Residential Structural Engineers can be called to inspect structures for defects, or any potential problems that may be present or caused over time. For example, after a giant storm passes causing heavy rains, and severe wind gusts, the foundation of a structure has the potential to be comprised and/or damaged. What was once a safe home, may now not be suitable for safe habitation. A residential structural engineer can thoroughly inspect the home at hand, and decipher whether or not there has been material damage, and if it compromises the safety of the home.

Why hire a Residential Structural Engineer?

There are quite a few reasons you may want to hire a residential structural engineer! Remember when it comes to construction projects, especially your home- it’s always best to hire a professional! The strength and durability of materials is not a factor you should be willing to gamble with when it comes to the construction of anything, let alone your home. And thankfully the professionals are here to help!

As we mentioned above, you may want to hire a residential structural engineer to inspect your home after extreme weather. This can include (but is not limited to) hurricanes, floods, or fire damage. These engineers can not only inspect your home to decide whether the structure has been comprised. They can also create a report with all pertinent information pertaining to the inspection. The engineers can then provide a copy of these reports to the homeowner to keep for future reference or selling purposes. Having the professional ability to recognize distress after a natural disaster is a vital skill of these engineers.

More Reasons to Hire…

One exciting reason you may hire a residential structural engineer is if you bought a plot of land instead of an already built property! Some home-buyers prefer to have a hand in the construction of their home-sweet-home from the ground up. This basically allows the sky to be the limit! (Unless there are homeowners associations or lot lines that conflict with your plans.) Clients can customize their homes and collaborate with engineers to make their dream homes come to life! And a residential structural engineer is exactly who you want to call to make sure that the home is built to spec!

Adding an Extension

Another reason you may hire a residential structural engineer is if you are planning on adding an extension to an already existing home. The engineer can make an educated professional decision whether or not its safe to add an extension on a dwelling. Furthermore, they can advise what materials would be safe to use for the type of extension the client is desiring. For example, if a homeowner is planning an extension for an oversized closet, an engineer may have different advice than they would if the extension was for an additional bathroom. A bathroom would require specific variables such as plumbing pipes being accessible. While a closet could be a more simple project.


What to Look for In A Residential Structural Engineer?

There are a few key factors to look out for when hiring a residential structural engineer. Of course, you will want to hire a company whom is ethical and reliable. Experience is also important and can go a long way. When hiring an engineer consider the project at hand. See if the company at hand has an experience with similar projects and ask to see examples of previous work.

It is also important to keep in mind that residential structural engineers are usually licensed by the state they practice in. In order to confirm this, request the engineer’s license number to further verify they are currently registered.

Get it in Writing

As with most proposals and contracts in business, you want to make SURE to get everything in writing. Ask for written contracts that outline and detail the work to be performed. Contracts should also include payment terms for labor and material. Additionally, make sure all associated costs involved have been listed to avoid any unwanted surprises. It’s essential to ensure that everything is clearly outlined, so there are no surprises at the end of the job!

Call the Experts!

There isn’t a measure too much to take when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. So when it comes to matters of home construction or renovation projects, rely on the experts! The peace of mind alone is priceless knowing your roof AND relatives are safe at home. Whether it’s an extension to an already built property, or building your dream-house from the ground up; Eastern Engineering Group is here to make your dreams a reality. And we cannot wait to hear from you!


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