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We celebrate International Women’s Day

March Newsletter Update


We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th to honor women’s accomplishments worldwide. This day also acknowledges ongoing efforts to break down barriers hindering women’s progress in life. Our company is a woman-owned business, showcasing the significant role women play in engineering and business. Women’s passion, intelligence, and commitment to excellence inspire others, contributing to our company’s success. Women engineers have been vital to the success of our company, and above all, we are grateful for their invaluable contribution.

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich

By: Stayplus (


“Once you are inside and you look through the layer of water, looking up and seeing the people above, or the opposite, being outside on the deck looking down inside the pool. I feel like the swimming pool itself is a threshold and it’s a meeting point.” – Leandro Erlich

Eastern Engineering Group’s Structural Components Division boasts with pride at having contributed to the creation of an awe-inspiring work of art – a sculpture so iconic it graces the halls of the Perez Art Museum (@pamm) in Miami. This masterpiece, born from the genius mind of Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich in 1999, is a breathtaking testament to the power of imagination. Within this exhibit, every element is a meticulous fiction, meticulously crafted to mirror ordinary settings with an extraordinary twist, luring visitors to question their very perceptions of reality.

Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich

One such component is the renowned Swimming Pool work, designed to be viewed from both above and within. From above, the illusion of a crystal-clear pool brimming with water is a sight to behold. Yet, as visitors step onto the bottom of the pool, clothed in their entirety, the fantasy takes hold. Using a glass sheet, the underwater world is recreated, inviting blurred visions of the world beneath the surface.

We take this moment to express our sincerest gratitude to Rodolfo Athayde, owner of Artea Producoes LLC, for entrusting us with such a magnificent project. Together, we have contributed to the creation of a true work of art that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary and elevates the senses to new heights.

Special Inspections


By Eastern Engineering Group- Marketing Deparment

As building projects become more complex and regulations become stricter, it is crucial to ensure that structures are not only strong but also meet high safety standards. For that reason, independent and qualified structural engineers conduct special inspections to verify that the work adheres to approved plans, specifications, and codes.

Thus, this article will explore the importance of special inspections in maintaining construction project safety and regulatory compliance. We’ll cover the different types of inspections required, who determines them, and the requirements for conducting them properly. Whether you’re planning a construction project or already in the middle of one, this article can help ensure that it meets safety and regulatory requirements.

Structural Engineering Repair Plan Solution


Our company, Eastern Engineering Group, has a structural repairs division that offers solutions to property owners, property managers, and condo associations. In this way with extensive expertise, we can address structural damage that poses a risk to buildings in South Florida. Thus our diverse range of services includes:

  •  Research and Gathering of Information:
    The collection of documentation and analysis of existing conditions.
  • Structural Inspection Evaluation of Existing Conditions:
    Where a structural inspection evaluation of existing conditions is carried out. Assessing the current state of the structure of a building is necessary. For that reason, it involves identifying any defects or damages that may affect its safety and stability. This includes the materials and methods used, as well as the schedule for completion.
  • Repair Plans and Specifications:
    These are a critical part of any building restoration or repair project.
    A detailed outline of the work is provided.
  • Structural Repair Damage Amount Estimate:
    This is a document that provides an estimated cost to repair damage to the structure of a building.
    It is usually prepared by a professional engineer or contractor who has experience performing structural repairs.
  • Bidding Phase Assistance:
    This is a service that involves the preparation and distribution of bidding documents to contractors and the evaluation of bids received in response.
    The objective of the bidding phase is to identify a contractor. It’s important to find someone who can perform the repair work according to plans and specifications. It should be at a fair and reasonable price.
  • Structural Observation and Inspections:
    Where Eastern Engineering Group inspectors will visit the site and mark the locations of repairs that need to be made.
    This step is important for inspectors to gain a clear understanding. It helps them determine the extent of the damage and the necessary work.


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