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Welcome to our May Newsletter. As we celebrate the profound influence and unwavering support of mothers around the world, we extend heartfelt congratulations to all the incredible mothers within our company. Your dedication, love, and sacrifice enrich not only your families but also our workplace with your strength and wisdom. This month holds a special significance as we honor mothers on Mother’s Day, a time to express gratitude for their immeasurable contributions. Additionally, as we approach Memorial Day on May 27th, we pause to remember and honor the brave individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

ARCHITECTURAL MARVELS : Showcasing Extraordinary Projects We Have Been a Part of

The Melbourne Air Traffic Control Tower, standing tall at 115 feet, is a striking gray structure that combines functionality with modern aesthetics, featuring sleek design and exterior LED lights that make it a captivating visual landmark. Situated within the Northrop Grumman campus, it represents the intersection of innovation and aviation, boasting thoughtful details like curved water spray pipes for clear visibility. Constructed by CTBX Aviation and engineered by Eastern Engineering Group, this project involved demolishing an existing structure and erecting a robust steel superstructure to accommodate 50 Doppler Antennas and a prefabricated fiberglass Distributor Room. Our company’s expertise ensured structural integrity through pile caps and deep auger cast pile foundations. In a fun fact, “What’s the Scope?” initiative hosted by Eastern Engineering Group engaged students like David Manosalva from FIU in exploring the world of structural analysis and aviation engineering, with insights from Brian Lally P.E. from CTBX Aviation and Alexis Martinez P.E. from Eastern Engineering Group.



Skyscrapers epitomize human drive, creativity, and the evolution of urban spaces, reshaping cityscapes globally and redefining urban lifestyles. While they offer benefits such as optimizing land usage and stimulating economic development, skyscrapers also pose challenges such as steep construction expenses and pressure on urban infrastructure. Nevertheless, they foster architectural ingenuity and technological progress, adapting to new materials and digital tools. Seamlessly integrating skyscrapers into urban environments demands meticulous planning to harmonize growth with community preservation. Noteworthy ventures like the International Land-Sea Center and the Greenland Shandong International Financial Center in China, alongside similar projects worldwide, represent significant milestones in urban advancement, blending utility, sustainability, and architectural prowess. The future of skyscrapers holds promise for groundbreaking innovation, addressing issues like environmental impact and equitable access, to realize their potential as drivers of resilient and inclusive urban development.


In the realm of homeownership, guaranteeing the solidity of a property emerges as a significant concern, making structural home inspections indispensable. These assessments entail a thorough examination of a home’s framework, delving deep into its core components to ensure its sturdiness and safety. By scrutinizing everything from the foundation to the roof, inspectors uncover potential issues that could lead to costly repairs or accidents if left unaddressed. This detective mission for a home’s health not only safeguards occupants but also aids buyers and sellers in making informed decisions about investments or negotiations. Moreover, these evaluations ensure compliance with building codes, offering peace of mind and long-term integrity for homeowners.


Before we explore the wonders of skylights, let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of natural light. Imagine waking up to sunlight filtering through a window, filling your home with a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors. Isn’t it magnificent? So, how can we invite this natural beauty into our homes? Enter skylights! These architectural marvels offer various types, from fixed ones providing permanent illumination to vented options offering both light and ventilation. Tubular skylights are ingenious solutions for spaces lacking direct rooftop access, brightening interior corners with budget-friendly ease. Incorporating skylights into structural design not only enhances mood and energy efficiency but also creates a sense of spaciousness and architectural flair. Before diving into skylight installation, consider factors like energy efficiency and aesthetics, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. Structural assessment and professional installation are crucial steps to maximize skylight benefits while minimizing future problems.

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