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Metro at Edgewater

Do you have a moment to travel to paradise, even if only in your mind? Close your eyes and picture lounging poolside on a sunny day under a gorgeous private cabana; bright blue skies, and the wind blowing in your hair. Carried by the breeze comes the smell of freshly roasted coffee from a nearby café. Your luxury condo is within walking distance, but it’s such a nice day you are considering taking a walk by the Bay. While walking, you could then possibly take a trip to stroll an incredible outdoor museum of art, while observing some of the World’s best street artists. The culture surrounding you is vibrant and electric with energy, and the fashionable shopping destinations are endless. Do you know where you are yet?! METRO at the town of Edgewater, in Miami Florida, of course! 

But…What is METRO at Edgewater?

We are ready to introduce you to one of Eastern Engineering Group’s biggest milestones up to date. METRO at Edgewater, is a project with the recent approval of the FAA, strategically located in Miami’s new up and coming neighborhood, Edgewater, and just a half a block from the bay. The developers carrying out the project had 3 fundamental objectives to primarily focus on. First to design a structure to complement and enhance the beautiful environment; while eliminating the land gap left by the luxury condominium market. The second goal focused on satisfying Edgewater’s growing population of residents and increasing need for rental buildings and businesses. The final objective proposed was to improve connectivity within the district, as well as between its surrounding areas.

Prior to the construction of METRO in Edgewater, it was necessary to join several lots of land located between 433-449 NE 30th Terrace and 430-452 NE 31st Street. In total, this impressive property lays on 1.92 ACRES of land. Not to mention a building had to be entirely demolished before being able to begin work on the site! “Comin’ innnnnn!” 

Let’s take a little tour of the grounds and talk about its priceless location, while learning some of the creative details to keep an eye out for while exploring METRO at Edgewater’s unique interior and exterior. From here I will take you on a little virtual magic carpet ride if you will. In this ride, we will be depicting the evolution of this fabulous 32-story structure. It was a pleasure for our dedicated team at Eastern Engineering Group to work at full speed to help design and make this project possible. Therefore, we hope you enjoy this journey as much as we did. Buckle up!

Location, Location, Location!!

Today this grand 32-story tower is officially located at 452 Northeast 31st St. in the iconic city of Miami, Florida. Miami is one of the most desired travel destinations, welcoming over 14 million tourists per year. It is also home to the world’s largest collection of art deco architecture. METRO at Edgewater is strategically located in Miami’s new up and coming neighborhood of Edgewater.

Edgewater is located in the heart of all the magic! Surrounded by the Design District, the Arts District, Wynwood, Downtown, and Midtown! – Edgewater offers a one-stop location that can satisfy the fashion icon, the fan of the arts, those hungry for culture (or just hungry in general!), and the businesswomen and men on the go! And thanks to its convenient location on 31st street, the property provides easy access to Interstate 195 freeway, which connects either westbound to I-95 and the airport, or eastbound to Miami Beach. Talk about having it all!

 A Rundown on the Outside, from the Insiders

The tower, once completed, will stand at a striking 373 feet in height. The project was conceived for mixed-use, offering a total of 279 beautifully designed residential units for lucky tenants to one day call home sweet home, while the ground floor has 4,063 square feet dedicated to commercial use. Located towards Northeast 30th Terrace and 31st Street, these units will be suitable for restaurants, bakeries, cafes and retail stores, all oriented to the neighborhood.

METRO’s exterior is covered by its modern residential units, which merge with the projected natural foliage, providing harmony and functionality to the front of the work. The garage is an enclosed space that surrounds the residential tower on three sides with an artistic treatment that alludes to a sunset- the brilliant idea of ​ the Miami artist, Johnny Robles. The site also includes 32 parking spaces on public roads for additional ease of accessibility. 

The tower’s architectural design includes a pedestrian walkway along NE 31st Street, from Biscayne Boulevard to the Paraíso District. The entire route includes exquisite landscaping and wide sidewalks. These will provide better connectivity and accessibility, both for residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

Metro Edgewater

Picture Source: Metro Edgewater

A Sneak-Peek at Interior Plans of Metro at Edgewater

Inside, this incredible property will offer a lobby decorated in a vintage style. Hanging gardens will be complemented by the large glass from ceiling to floor in order to visually separate the locations. The color schemes expected to be used for the interior include modern gray tones, pops of white furniture and the natural green of the vegetation.

The amenities at METRO are not to go understated. METRO offers a spectacular private pool located on the seventh floor that will have you undoubtedly know you’ve just entered pool-paradise. Take in all its beauty on a lounge-chair poolside or indulge in a private cabana and give “remote working” a whole new definition. 

If you’re not in the mood for a pool day, maybe a walk through a dream-like covered terrace is more your style. Decorated and protected by gardens and foliage; if Alice from Wonderland ever stumbled along it, I don’t believe she’d ever leave! Both the remarkable pool, and the impressively noteworthy terrace are perfect for family enjoyment and relaxation. 

Metro Edgewater

Picture Source: Metro Edgewater

Show Us What You’re Made of!

Looking for even more of a magical WOW factor?! Design elements, both inside and outside, will help create shadows that will blend together bringing the project to life. Talk about creativity, innovation, and resourcefully using your surrounding environments!  Materials for METRO will include stained glass windows, painted stucco walls, and aluminum screens for the surface of the artwork around the parking levels. (Yes, even more thoughtfully detailed WOW additions!)

The Brains Behind the Beauty

Metro Edgewater LLC, managed by the brilliant, Carlos Ortiz is the developer of this incredible masterpiece of a building, which will soon be full of smiling faces making memories that will last forever. Mr. Ortiz has participated in the construction of more than 3,600 residential units, predominantly in inner-city neighborhoods.

The main architect for METRO is Pablo Burgos, President and Founder of Burgos Lanza Architect & Planners since 2004. Mr. Burgos is involved in all design and planning stages of the firm’s projects. We have witnessed several of his designs, and we truly admire his style. Ready for one of the most exciting parts?  Our team at Eastern Engineering Group is also a part of this iconic project! Today, we continue to work on this magnificent structure that promises to be one of the most visited buildings in Edgewater, thanks to the great businesses it will soon house.

Magic in the Magic City

Miami, known as the “Magic City” due to the way it transformed from mangroves to one of the most desired destinations in the world, brings life to most of the projects our firm is proud to complete. This being said, this description fits perfectly, due to the ambiance of METRO at Edgewater, that promises to be truly magical! Whether it’s lounging, working, grabbing a bite to eat with friends, or going for some golden “me time” down by the stunning pool that METRO at Edgewater is sure to deliver!

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