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Miami’s Culture and its Impact on the City’s Architecture and the Structural Engineering.

When you think of all the different cultures that have influenced Miami that’s when you realize how unique our City really is. The fact that our community is from all over the world directly reflects on our modern yet classic architecture.

Miami’s Architectural design is as diverse as its residents.

As a Structural Engineering firm from South Florida that takes on all different types of Structural Projects, we love admiring the design and complexity that some of these Architectural projects.

Miami’s architectural design is a concept that can be seen throughout the city on more than just a typical building structure. Many of the city’s ordinary local establishments have turned into Art. Miami has evolved in many areas giving the city and edgy and trendy vibe while still preserving historical structures.

Within a few miles radius, you can see how the City has both aspects of History and Modern design. Coral Gables has the Venetian Pool which was created in 1923, but not very far from that same location you can find Building Bacardi the new Bacardi USA Headquarters that is currently occupied by nonetheless than “Young Arts” a national nonprofit that contributes directly to the development of the careers of young school-age artists.

As Structural Engineers, Eastern Engineering Group has had the possibility to grow and face new challenges with the City’s modernization while still being able to get involved in projects that preserve certain Historical Value to them. As our City continues to evolve our firm continues to adapt to the modern era of design.

If you focus on South Beach, you will find the Art Deco Historic District and area that features white facades, neon lights, sleek designs on the streets that are well known to America such as Ocean Drive. The structures you see there have been featured in movies like Scarface and Bad Boys, but if you look at Lincoln Road, everything you see is modern and edgy.

Another great location in Miami where you can directly see the cultural influence is in Little Havana. This area contains styles such as Art Deco, Historic Houses, Mediterranean Revival, Bungalow, Mission and commercial structures. Little Havana has become a Historic District as South River Drive an area within the City contains the oldest extant group of the Vernacular building frame.

Miami’s diverse culture has established a new era in the Structural Engineering and Architectural Design industry. As of lately many articles have been published regarding the huge role that our City is playing when it comes to Architectural Design such as, “America’s new architecture capital? 14 of Miami’s most awe-inspiring buildings.”  Where Mr. Horacio Silva, from CNN, states “No one building defines Miami, but rest assured: this boom city, where things happen fast, is rapidly becoming the architecture capital of America.”



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