Goals For 2019 And A Recap Of 2018 Goals and Accomplishments.

With every end of the years' comes a new year to look forward to new challenges and possibilities. It is important to recognize the obstacles that we overcome and to reflect on how much growth we can experience within our normal day to day routine. Eastern Engineering Group is a different kind of structural engineering [...]

Eastern Engineering Group’s Project Showcase for November 2018.

Structural Engineering can be described as an art, a skill, or a professional career. However, you see the term really reflects on the scope of work for that specific project. Whether engineering is an art, a skill, or just a regular profession, we continue to be amazed at the creativity of each design that is [...]

Our Specialty Engineering Project as seen on Netflix Series of “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes known as Casa Canal”.

Today on our engineering blog, we are extremely proud to have been part of the engineers who had the possibility in collaborating with the design team on one of the projects being showcased on Netflix Series “The World's Most Extraordinary Homes” Season 2 first Episode known as "Casa Canal". The Miami Beach Spec Home that [...]

Le Palais Royal also known as the Florida mansion.

We are truly happy to have been a part of the team of Engineers that worked on the components for the 60,500-square-foot mansion in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, Le Palais Royal was also known as the Florida mansion. The $2 million staircase made out of imported South African marble, with 22 karat gold leaf finishes took […]

News for Glass Contractors

CALLING ALL GLASS CONTRACTORS— Curious as to where to use laminated tempered glass for your projects? We’ve compiled a concise list of zip codes where all new construction or remodeling plans mandate laminated tempered glass for all glass railings. Click on the link below to download a .PDF of all zip codes requiring laminated tempered [...]

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