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Panorama Tower in Miami

Panorama Tower: Florida’s Tallest Building to Date!

Welcome to Miami!

Miami is the city that has it all, it beams with beauty, history, culture, and life. This vibrant city has the power to entice, entrance, and enchant. People from all over the world visit or even move here all together year-round! Even Will Smith admits “every time I come, I always wind up stayin’.” With white sand beaches, beautiful weather, fashion, and endless entertainment it is hard to resist Miami’s infectious vibe. However, one of the best aspects of this city is its intricate architecture. Included in Miami’s list of stunning architecture, making its massive presence known at an incredible 868 feet, is Panorama Tower located in the Brickell district of Miami. Let’s learn more about this structure!

From Delay to HOORAY!

The Panorama Tower needed approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to its incredible height. This occurs before the construction process of structures exceeding 200 feet begins. The FAA, along with the City of Miami, had given their approval for the project in 2006. However, the great recession occurring in the United States caused the project to cease. With much thanks to Mr. Hollo, President of Florida East Coast Realty (FEDR), the project was revived and brought back to life! Mr. Hollo acquired the project in 2012, introducing the name “Torre Panorama” to the picture. Once financing was obtained, he was able to announce the building’s exciting construction. Wells Fargo Bank was the lender on this….drum roll please…..$800 MILLION project!!

Mr. Hollo hired Cuban architect, Moshe Cosicher, who then re-designed the original proposal of the project, and created the tower’s design itself. The company, Zyscovich Architects, managed the interior design by selecting the accessories and equipment adorning the tower.

Once plans were complete, the structures were checked, and physical tests were carried out that demonstrated the safety of the work itself. Finally, in January of 2014, the magic began- and within 23 extremely productive hours, the foundation was cast! By June 22, 2018, this dream had become a breathtaking reality!

Breaking Records in Brickell

Perfectly placed, this mega-structure is located in the Brickell district, in central Miami, overlooking both the Brickell district itself, as well as the beautiful Biscayne Bay. The target population for this project was the young professionals that live and work in the Miami area. The intention of the architects was to put a new lifestyle on the market, in which family, employment, health, leisure, tourism and other services were all linked and enjoyed in the same place. This is where the project accomplished its biggest task. It allows passersby and residents to share life in and out of the tower harmoniously, while still providing convenience and beautiful views along the way.

Standing proud and tall, the Panorama Tower is the TALLEST building in Florida! It’s also the tallest residential tower south of New York. At a stunning 85 stories high, it has become a city symbol and completely redefined the Miami skyline.

A Look Inside Panorama Tower Miami

The majestic lobby’s design is spacious and allows natural light to pass, creating a serene yet awe-inspiring ambiance. Above the reception area, adorning the ceiling is a beautiful display of intricate gilded metal. Below, begins a corridor of wooden beams through which you can enter the 821 luxury apartments available to rent! All apartments feature spacious living areas, hurricane-resistant floor-to-ceiling sliding windows, hardwood floors, large aesthetically-pleasing glass balconies…and have I mentioned the grand walk-in CLOSETS!? Additionally, the offices are spacious and offer beautiful views along with total peace and quiet, thanks to highly soundproof rooms with double plastered walls and insulation.



Spread throughout different locations of the tower are numerous leisure areas. Additionally, multiple swimming pools and the 205-room Hyatt Centric boutique hotel are all within this beautiful structure. This incredible city-of-a-building also includes 3 movie theaters, saunas, a gym, a cybercafé, a relaxing spa, AND even one for pets! I mean hey, these pets are already living the luxurious life, WHY NOT add in a pet-spa?! For the children there’s an entire waterpark as well as a playground to enjoy the day. For music fans and musicians alike, there’s a reserved area where they can play their instruments without disturbing other guests. In case all of this wasn’t already jaw-dropping enough, (I’m going to say it again- there’s a PET SPA!) the tower has a wine-bar where residents can store their bottles safely, and 2 social rooms for celebrations, for when it’s time to break out that wine!

“¡Bienvenidos a Miami!”

So, whether you’re already living the Miami life, simply visiting, or potentially looking for a new place to call home sweet home, Panorama Tower is one to keep at the top of your list. Breaking records with its size alone, it’s a place that will leave an impression. Bring family, friends, or your favorite fur-baby to a place that offers it all, Panorama Tower in Miami.

“Always incredible” – Will Smith, Miami, 1997

It goes without saying, but unquestionably deserves to be stated and recognized– that our hearts are with all of those affected by the devastating recent collapse of the Champlain Towers South, in Surfside. Our sincere condolences, from all of us at Eastern Engineering Group, go to all the families of the beautiful lives taken far too soon.

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What’s The Scope – Panorama Tower

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