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40-Year Re-certifications | Manuel Artime Theater

40-Year Re-certifications | Manuel Artime Theater

The Manuel Artime Theater stands as the largest small theater in town, boasting a stage measuring an impressive 60′ x 30′, making it one of the longest in the area. Notably, the theater plays a vital role in the cultural enrichment of the community, especially catering to the sizable elderly population in Little Havana. By offering a myriad of cultural activities, film presentations, and other affordable events, the Manuel Artime Theater serves as a vibrant hub, fostering a sense of community and accessibility to the arts for all.

Building Recertification by Eastern Engineering Group

Eastern Engineering Group played a pivotal role in The Manuel Artime Theater project by undertaking a comprehensive Scope of Services. Our primary responsibility encompassed conducting a meticulous structural inspection of the buildings, aimed at identifying the necessary repairs essential for the imminent 40-year recertification of both the theater and office building. Under contract with the City of Miami, Eastern Engineering Group demonstrated their expertise in evaluating structural integrity and identifying potential issues. The inspection revealed several deficiencies, including minor cracks and spalling in the concrete slab attributed to corrosion in reinforcing bars, a steel ladder exhibiting heavy corrosion, and wide cracks along the walls that demanded prompt attention and repair.

Fun Facts

Did you know that at Eastern Engineering Group, our Building Recertification division goes beyond ensuring compliance with the Florida Code? Here’s an exciting fact: for the Manuel Artime Theater project, we didn’t just handle the building recertification; we also meticulously crafted Structural Repair Plans.

Picture this – a dedicated team that not only certifies the building but also strategically plans and executes repairs for enhanced structural integrity. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. At Eastern Engineering Group, we don’t just do one thing; we’re your dynamic partner, providing a seamless blend of Building Recertification and expert Structural Repair Planning. So, when you choose us, you’re not just choosing certification; you’re choosing a complete package to make your project not only compliant but exceptional.


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900-970 SW 1st St. Miami

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Building Recertification / Structural Repairs Plans
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Our Structural Engineers of Miami at Eastern Engineering Group will provide you with the highest level of customer service, from administrative assistance, to the complex interpretation of the Florida Building Code, and the specific requirements of the Building Inspections Process.

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