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40-Year Recertification | Ocean Park Condos

40-Year Recertification | Ocean Park Condos

Ocean Park Condos is a luxurious 10-story residential condominium that has been standing since its construction in 1976. It boasts 295 beautifully-crafted units, representing the epitome of sophisticated living. Beyond these stylish abodes, residents are treated to a captivating tour of the property, unveiling the thoughtful design and amenities that make Ocean Park Condos a coveted address. Moreover, the strategic location of the condominium provides convenient access to nearby attractions, enhancing the overall living experience for those fortunate enough to call Ocean Park Condos their home.

Building Recertification by Eastern Engineering Group

The scope of work for Eastern Engineering Group in the Ocean Park Condos project involved conducting a comprehensive structural inspection of the buildings. This inspection aimed to identify the necessary repairs to meet the requirements for the upcoming 40-year recertification. The inspection revealed various deficiencies, including significant corrosion in the steel framing of cooling tower supports, spalled concrete on beams and slabs with corroded reinforcing, loose railings, and handrails, as well as corroded elements in the steel stairs throughout the buildings. This comprehensive assessment provided crucial insights to guide the repair and maintenance efforts, ensuring the safety and structural integrity of the condominium for years to come.

Fun Facts

Did you know that the 40 Year Recertification Process, a crucial aspect of building maintenance, has undergone notable changes in recent years? Originally mandated as a 40-year requirement, the recertification process was subsequently revised in some jurisdictions, shortening the timeframe to 30 years. This shift reflects an increased emphasis on ensuring the ongoing safety and structural integrity of buildings, prompting more frequent assessments. The change became effective in 2022, marking a significant milestone in the proactive approach to maintaining the safety standards of our built environment.

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800 Parkview Drive, #125, Hallandale Beach, FL

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Building Recertification
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