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caribbean village

Caribbean Village

Caribbean Village is a groundbreaking affordable housing project designed to cater to the specific needs of seniors aged 62 and above. The amenities are truly impressive, with a state-of-the-art fitness facility complemented by an adjacent stretching room, a sprawling club room for social gatherings, and convenient computer workstations. With an on-site leasing office, the process of becoming a part of this community is made seamless.

This visionary development is the result of a partnership with the South Miami Heights Community Development Corporation, and it’s housed within a single, modern seven-story residential building. Additionally, residents will benefit from surface parking and the convenience of a transit “Park and Ride” facility right at their doorstep, enhancing their accessibility and mobility.

ARCHITECTURAL FIRM: Behar Font & Partners

Behar Font & Partners, P.A. is a distinguished professional organization committed to the fields of architecture, planning, and interior design. Their extensive expertise spans a wide range of projects, including retail facilities ranging from individual stores to expansive shopping malls, residential facilities encompassing single-family residences and multi-unit complexes, professional office centers, religious architecture, governmental facilities, educational institutions, and versatile multi-use complexes. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of architectural services, covering everything from initial feasibility and zoning studies, setting environmental performance standards, strategic growth management, and defining land use and economic objectives. Behar Font & Partners, P.A. excels in delivering innovative, holistic solutions for a diverse range of architectural and design needs.


Our tasks encompassed the creation of shop drawings for windows and doors, completed with drafting services. These drawings covered various components, including windows, window walls, walls, and doors, all situated in the exterior of the structure.

The systems used, manufactured by ES Windows, included ES 9000 in three different sizes, ES EL-200 in two sizes, ES 8000 in twelve sizes, and miscellaneous mullions. Our contributions extended to structural design, calculations, and the preparation of shop drawings that aligned seamlessly with the architectural design provided. Moreover, we ensured the coordination of these drawings with relevant NOAs (Notice of Acceptance).

Fun Facts

Did you know that Behar Font & Partners, P.A. is renowned for its commitment to sustainable design? They have a strong focus on biophilic designs in their architectural projects. Biophilia is the concept of incorporating nature into the built environment, and Behar Font & Partners has consistently integrated this approach into their work. This commitment to creating spaces that connect people with nature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of their designs but also contributes to the well-being of the occupants and the environment.


Behar Font & Partners, P. A.

Number of Floors:



19755 SW 110th Ct Miami, Florida 33157

Year Completed:



29,899 SF


Windows and Doors
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