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Courvoisier Centre

Courvoisier Centre

Courvoisier Centre is an exceptional Class A trophy office complex nestled within the enclave of Brickell Key in Miami’s Central Business District. Comprising three distinct components: BKC I (Office) at 109,500 square feet, BKC II (Office) at 226,300 square feet, and BKC Retail covering 24,387 square feet. Its architecture is truly distinctive, characterized by tiered upper-level floors featuring intricate staggered corner detailing, an exterior glazing system, and integrated aluminum sunshades with high-impact glass. Moreover, the brand-new expansive lobby seamlessly connects both towers, offering awe-inspiring views of the vibrant Brickell skyline across the tranquil waters of the bay.


Eastern Engineering Group undertook a pivotal role in the Courvoisier Centre project by providing expertise in structural engineering for the re-cladding endeavor. Our scope of work involved replacing the existing window wall system with a state-of-the-art curtain wall window system. This transformation not only modernized the building’s exterior but also enhanced its overall structural integrity.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Alphacladding played a pivotal role in rejuvenating the Courvoisier Centre in Miami? They specialize in cladding renovation, known as re-cladding, and have successfully transformed the aesthetics of existing structures while prioritizing sustainability and environmental friendliness. When it came to the Courvoisier Center, Alphacladding collaborated closely with the architectural team to bring this distinctive building to life. Their innovative approach led to the creation of a custom, unitized, large missile-impact, and pressure-equalized curtain wall designed to withstand pressures of up to 120 PSF. This cutting-edge system includes units that reach a towering height of 24 feet and an impressive cantilever extending over 9 feet, showcasing Alphacladding’s industry-leading innovations.



Number of Floors:



501 Brickell Key Dr Miami, FL 33131

Year Completed:

Renovations Complete Q4 2023


345,568 SF


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