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Emblem Tower

Emblem Tower, a dynamic mixed-use residential and commercial development located in North Miami, occupies a sprawling 1-acre parcel of land. This ambitious project, comprising 139 units in total, embodies a versatile blend of living spaces and retail opportunities. The apartment complex is set to offer an array of choices, with 27 studios, 64 one-bedroom units, and 48 two-bedroom residences.

From its inception, Emblem Tower has been under the capable leadership of BUSLAM, overseeing every facet of its development journey. Collaborating closely with the esteemed Frankel Benayoun Architects, a Miami-based architectural firm, the project swiftly navigated through design development and documentation phases. As it moves forward into the conceptualization of construction documents for permitting, BUSLAM remains at the helm, committed to delivering one of the city’s most efficient and promising major developments.

ARCHITECTURAL FIRM: Frankel Benayoun Architects

Frankel Benayoun Architects, Inc., established in 1975 in Miami Beach, Florida, has consistently showcased excellence in delivering a diverse range of architectural solutions to its clients. With a rich and varied portfolio, FBA has demonstrated expertise in bringing architectural projects to life. The firm goes above and beyond traditional architectural services, offering a comprehensive suite of options that includes landscape design, interior design, project management, design-build, real estate, and development services, all of which complement and enhance their architectural offerings.


Eastern Engineering Group played a pivotal role in the Emblem Tower project by overseeing the structural design aspects. Our scope of work encompassed the creation of detailed structural calculations and drawings, all of which were duly signed and sealed. The structural design addressed the requirements of this new 20-story mixed-use building, featuring a 5-level parking structure and an amenities roof, encompassing a total of approximately 283,000 square feet. To achieve this, the structural framing system included reinforced concrete walls and non-load-bearing CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) walls, supported by reinforced concrete columns. For the floor and roof systems, we employed post-tensioned concrete slabs, showcasing our expertise in crafting a robust and safe structural framework for this impressive project.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Frankel Benayoun Architects INC, is deeply committed to the harmonious integration of architectural design with its natural surroundings? With a strong emphasis on uniting buildings and landscapes, FBA strives to create a seamless connection between architecture and the environment in every project they undertake.


Frankel Benayoun Architects

Number of Floors:



12065 NW 7TH Avenue, North Miami, FL

Year Completed:



283,000 SF


Structural Engineering
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