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Metro At Edgewater

Located in the heart of Edgewater, Miami, Metro at Edgewater is a towering 32-story residential building. Designed by renowned architect Pablo Burgos and developed by Metro Edgewater LLC, an entity affiliated with real estate company Prodesa International LLC led by Carlos Ortíz. This striking tower stands tall at an impressive height of 373 feet. Embracing a mixed-use concept, Metro Edgewater offers a total of 279 exquisitely designed residential units that redefine modern living. Step inside this remarkable property and be greeted by a vintage-inspired lobby adorned with hanging gardens and floor-to-ceiling glass panels, creating visually distinct spaces.

The interior color schemes feature contemporary shades of gray, touches of white furniture, and the refreshing green hues of natural vegetation. METRO leaves no stone unturned when it comes to luxury amenities. Residents will have the pleasure of enjoying a breathtaking private pool located on the seventh floor, perfect for unwinding and soaking up the Miami sun. Pablo Burgos’ design for Metro Edgewater seamlessly blends with the surrounding neighborhood’s architecture, harmonizing with its glass-enclosed balcony walls and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. This awe-inspiring architectural marvel stands as an illustrious addition to the city’s iconic skyline.

Architectural Firm: Burgos Lanza & Associates, INC.

Burgos Lanza & Associates, a Coral Gables-based architectural firm, is renowned for its customized and high-quality design solutions. With a strong focus on commercial, residential, and institutional buildings, the firm’s experienced team of architects, designers, and construction professionals offer a comprehensive range of services, including conceptual design, planning, interior design, lighting design, and landscaping. Their expertise enables them to offer solutions that go beyond the ordinary, resulting in distinctive architectural designs.

Structural Engineering Design and Threshold Inspections: Eastern Engineering Group

In the Metro Edgewater project, Eastern Engineering Group successfully tackled a comprehensive scope of work. Our focus was on the construction’s structural design, calculations, and specifications. We meticulously crafted and delivered a robust structural plan that encompass the 32-story building with approximately 520,000 square feet. To ensure optimal functionality and stability, we employed various structural framing systems. Reinforced concrete shear walls and non-load-bearing reinforced masonry walls formed the backbone of the structure, while reinforced concrete columns provided crucial support. For the floor and roof systems, we utilized post-tensioned slabs, optimizing strength and durability. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence resulted in a structurally sound and visually impressive project. Upon commencement of construction for this structure, our team conducted all required threshold inspections.

Fun Facts

The garage of Metro at Edgewater project features an artistic treatment that alludes to a sunset, thanks to the brilliant idea of Miami artist Johnny Robles. This unique and visually appealing addition adds a touch of creativity to the project, further enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

**Renderings by Burgos Lanza Architects & Associates**


Burgos Lanza & Associates, INC.

Number of Floors:



452 Northeast 31st Street in Edgewater, Miami

Year Completed:



520, 000 SF


Structural Engineering and Threshold Inspections
Engineering Consulting Services in Miami

Our Structural Engineers of Miami at Eastern Engineering Group will provide you with the highest level of customer service, from administrative assistance, to the complex interpretation of the Florida Building Code, and the specific requirements of the Building Inspections Process.

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