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Miami Dade County Animal Shelter

Miami Dade Animal Shelter serves as a vital animal services hub in Miami-Dade County. Its mission is clear: rescue abandoned animals, prevent cruelty, and reunite lost pets with their owners. The shelter partners with organizations like the Humane Society of Greater Miami to offer homeless animals a fresh start. The building’s design integrates charming art installations celebrating the bond between cats, dogs, and humans. This thoughtful architecture combines functionality, aesthetics, and a welcoming atmosphere, fostering animal well-being and enhancing the adoption experience for visitors.


LIVS Associates is a multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Florida, United States. They offer comprehensive, total in-house architectural, engineering, planning, and interior design services. With over 35 years of experience, LIVS Associates has established itself as a reputable firm in the industry. They are known for their collaborative approach and innovative solutions to complex design challenges. Their commitment to excellence and expertise in various disciplines make them a trusted choice for architectural projects.


Within the Miami Dade County Animal Shelter project, Eastern Engineering Group provided comprehensive structural solutions. Our focus included signed and sealed structural calculations and drawings, encompassing tasks like evaluating the existing structure’s compliance with the Florida Building Code, adapting the roof structure for new Mechanical Units, closing existing openings in exterior walls, designing wind pressures for new windows, and creating new openings in existing walls. All design aspects adhered to the latest Florida Building Code and relevant standards, ensuring a structurally sound and compliant outcome.

Fun Facts

Did you know that the Miami Dade Animal Shelter operates under a remarkable “no-kill” policy? This means that they do not euthanize animals due to limited space. This compassionate approach not only provides a safe haven for countless animals but also highlights the dedication of the shelter to find loving homes for every furry friend that comes their way.


LIVS Associates

Number of Floors:



3599 NW 79 Avenue, Doral, FL 33122

Year Completed:



70,000 SF


Structural Engineering
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Our Structural Engineers of Miami at Eastern Engineering Group will provide you with the highest level of customer service, from administrative assistance, to the complex interpretation of the Florida Building Code, and the specific requirements of the Building Inspections Process.

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