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Millenium Townhomes

Millenium Townhomes

Millenium Townhomes, a luxurious residence in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, offers unparalleled living. These single-family home span an impressive 5,403 square feet and boast exquisite interior design, style, and modern elegance, courtesy of a world-famous and award-winning architect and designer. With a spacious layout encompassing 3,171 square feet under air, these mansion features four bedrooms, including a den, and four and a half bathrooms. Additionally, the second floor houses a second living room, providing ample space for relaxation and entertainment.

ARCHITECTURAL FIRM: Architectural Developers, LLC

Architectural Developers, LLC is a distinguished full-service General Contractor with a rich history in the construction industry. With a robust portfolio of services, they offer not only exceptional Construction Services but also Architectural Services and Construction Management. Their commitment to excellence and versatility positions them as a reliable partner for any project, making them a top choice for clients seeking high-quality construction solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Specialized Structural Engineering Company for Windows and Doors: Eastern Engineering Group

Eastern Engineering Group delivered expert Structural Engineering services for the windows and doors systems at Millenium Townhomes. Our dedicated focus was on the structural design, calculations, and drafting of shop drawings for W & D components located on the exterior of the building. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensured that our designs, by the submitted architectural plans, met all applicable building codes and standards. To accurately schedule window quantities and optimize the installation process, we carefully prepared a comprehensive schedule. Eastern Engineering Group conducted all necessary revisions and diligently reviewed the final copies of the finished work.


  • MG-5000 Window Wall System
  • MGR-400 Fixed Window
  • MG-3000 Outswing Door
  • MG-1000 Sliding Glass Door

Fun Facts

Did you know that Architectural Developers, LLC, with over a decade of experience in commercial construction, has successfully delivered a wide range of projects, including healthcare facilities, restaurants, and specialty retail spaces, consistently meeting deadlines and budget expectations? Their commitment to excellence and efficiency makes them a standout choice in the construction industry.

Millenium Townhomes


Architectural Developers, LLC

Number of Floors:



1807 Northeast 26th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Year Completed:



5,403 SF


Windows and Doors
Engineering Consulting Services in Miami

Our Structural Engineers of Miami at Eastern Engineering Group will provide you with the highest level of customer service, from administrative assistance, to the complex interpretation of the Florida Building Code, and the specific requirements of the Building Inspections Process.

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