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Mural by Mette Tommerup- Mural de Mette Tommerup

Mural by Mette Tommerup

Mural by Mette Tommerup, an awe-inspiring installation composed of 376 meticulously engraved aluminum plates adorned with Kynar metal coating, stands tall at a height of 36 feet. Bearing the evocative title “Sky of the First Water,” the mural initially presents itself as an island formation, captivating observers with its enigmatic allure. However, upon closer inspection, the mesmerizing color palette unveils a breathtaking depiction of water near the coastal expanse. Spanning the entire 147-foot width of a constructed edifice in Coconut Grove, the artwork seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

Our Client: Mette Tommerup Studio

Mette Tommerup is a visionary painter whose distinctive artistic approach centers around the utilization of raw, uncut canvases and vibrant pigments. Tommerup’s studio, a crucible of artistic innovation, becomes a space where her large-scale artworks come to life, characterized by a profound sense of exploration, liberation, and deconstruction. Beyond the static confines of traditional art, her pieces engage in immersive performance activation, inviting viewers to experience the evolving narrative and emotional resonance embedded within each creation.


The scope of work undertaken by Eastern Engineering Group for the “Mural by Mette Tommerup” project primarily involved the meticulous design and calculation of shop drawings pertaining to the Aluminum Mural component. These detailed drawings were crafted in strict adherence to the latest edition of the Florida Building Code, as well as other relevant standards and codes. The focus of our efforts was to ensure compliance with these regulatory requirements and to facilitate the permitting process.

Fun Facts

Did you know that “Mural by Mette Tommerup” represents the pinnacle of the artist’s three-decade career? This monumental creation, the largest in her repertoire, required an impressive 18 months to reach its final form. The culmination of this artistic journey was celebrated with its installation on November 9, 2022, marking a significant milestone in the rich tapestry of Mette Tommerup’s creative legacy.


3750 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL, USA

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