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National WWll Museum

National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum, spanning 284,000 square feet, showcases captivating historical exhibits across five pavilions on a spacious six-acre campus. The design incorporates interlocking precast concrete for external street façades and transparent glazing for the internal court. A quadruple height lobby serves as the central gravity point, with integrated balconies connecting the interior and exterior spaces.

Architectural Firm: Voorsanger Architects PC

Voorsanger Architects PC, founded in 1978, is a renowned architectural firm with a strong focus on the design of cultural and urban spaces, transportation, and distinctive custom residential architecture. With an international reputation for crafting unique architectural solutions within urban contexts and seamlessly integrating design with diverse landscape environments, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of creative architecture. The firm’s strength lies in its diverse team of architects and designers who collectively foster a dynamic and innovative atmosphere. Their expertise spans architecture, interior design, urban design, master planning, and transportation design, making Voorsanger Architects PC a versatile and visionary force in the world of architecture and design.


Eastern Engineering Group performed structural engineering analysis and provided shop drawing designs and calculations for a range of architectural elements, including curtain wall window systems, swing doors, and storefronts. Our work adhered to the most recent edition of the International Building Code. Additionally, within this project, we diligently prepared the necessary mock-up documentation, essential for submission to the Testing Laboratory.


Did you know that the U.S. Freedom Pavilion, the latest addition to the National WWII Museum, stands as the tallest structure on the museum’s campus? This impressive pavilion soars to a height of 100 feet, anchoring the entire museum with its grandeur. Spanning 30,000 gross square feet, it is a monumental testament to the significance of World War II.

Within the U.S. Freedom Pavilion, you can discover the Arsenal of Democracy, a collection of large artifacts that played a pivotal role in the Allied victory during the war. One notable exhibit is the painstakingly restored Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, offering a captivating glimpse into the iconic aircraft that contributed to the triumph of World War II.


Voorsanger Architects PC

Number of Floors:



New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Year Completed:



284,000 SF


Windows and Doors
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