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6450 Collins Ave | 40 Year Recertification

Ocean Park Condominium – Miami Beach

Ocean Park Condominium, situated at 6450 Collins Ave in Miami Beach, is an iconic 15-story rental building nestled in the heart of North Beach. Constructed in 1968, this timeless structure boasts a rich history and architectural significance. With a total of 118 units, Ocean Park offers a unique blend of modern living and a touch of vintage charm. Its strategic location, coupled with its impressive stature, makes Ocean Park Condominium a distinctive choice for those seeking a blend of comfort, style, and a touch of historical allure in their Miami Beach residence.

Building Recertification by Eastern Engineering Group

Eastern Engineering Group successfully executed the scope of work for the Ocean Park Condominium project in Miami Beach, focusing on the 40-year recertification of a fifteen-story building. The building’s primary framing comprised cast-in-place concrete flat slabs on each floor, with reliable support from concrete columns and robust masonry walls. Concrete shear walls were strategically incorporated at stairs and elevators to enhance structural stability. The foundation was designed to rest on concrete piles, ensuring a solid and enduring base. Notably, a canopy was constructed at the pool area, featuring a cast-in-place concrete flat slab supported by concrete columns.

Fun Facts

Did you know that in Miami-Dade County, construction safety goes beyond the initial building phase? The city ensures ongoing safety by implementing recertification periods for structures. These intervals play a crucial role in maintaining compliance with modern building codes and regulations, ultimately safeguarding the well-being of residents and visitors.

There are three notable recertification milestones to keep structures up to par. The 25-year recertification, 30-year recertification, and 10-year recertification are key checkpoints in ensuring that buildings remain structurally sound and in line with safety standards.

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6450 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

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Building Recertification
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