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Park Ave Hotel

The Park Ave Hotel, also known as “SoBe Park Hotel” or simply “Park Hotel,” stands as a charming boutique accommodation nestled in the heart of Miami Beach. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the revamped Miami Beach Convention Center and the city’s most enticing attractions, this establishment is a true gem. The Park Ave Hotel’s ambitious renovation and expansion project pays homage to its rich history. It involves the meticulous preservation of the original two-level historic building, located on the southern portion of the property, alongside the addition of a new five-level Mid-Rise tower positioned behind this historical structure, forming the North wing. This expansion not only offers new rooms but also introduces a range of exciting amenities.

ARCHITECTURAL FIRM: Buslam Company & Associates Corp.

Buslam Company & Associates Corp. stands as a remarkably versatile and exceptionally skilled entity, boasting an impressive array of certifications and licenses. Their expertise spans across a broad spectrum of services, encompassing Development, Design-Build, Brokerage, and Assets Operations. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to Environmental Engagement and Historic Preservation, which reflects their profound dedication to sustainable practices and the preservation of our cultural heritage. Moreover, they have earned their reputation as industry leaders in Hospitality, Mixed/Multifamily Use, Commercial/Residential Use, and Institutional/Public Sectors, establishing them as an all-encompassing and trustworthy resource for a multitude of industry requirements.


In the scope of work for the Park Ave Hotel project, Eastern Engineering Group’s responsibilities included, but were not limited to, conducting preliminary structural assessments, optimizing the Main Wind Force Resisting System, providing initial concrete slab designs, and assessing deep foundation feasibility during the Structural Schematic Design Phase. In the subsequent Structural Design Development Phase, we continued with tasks such as structural modeling, finalizing member sizes, designing connections, and addressing foundation elements. Finally, in the Structural Construction Documents Phase, we prepared and provided the project’s final plans, calculations, and specifications.

Fun Facts

Did you know that the Park Ave Hotel was originally built in 1951 during the Miami Modern (MiMo) era? This iconic hotel has been a witness to the evolution of Miami’s architectural landscape over the years. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s a piece of living history!

**Renderings by Architect**


Buslam Company & Associates Corp.

Number of Floors:



335 19th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Year Completed:



11,712 SF


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