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Soleste Bay Village


Architect Name: Caymares Martin 

Number of Floors: 5

Address: 18301 South Dixie Highway, Palmetto Bay, FL

Year Completed: 2020

Total Floor Area: 525,095 SF

About Soleste Bay Village

Soleste Bay Village is a premier multifamily community located in the thriving Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida. Covers approximately 2.0 acres just east of South Dixie Highway, this stunning five-story community comprises 212 units that have been thoughtfully designed to meet the high standards set by the Village of Palmetto Bay. Offering the best in luxury amenities and services, Soleste Bay Village sets a standard for upscale apartment living in the area.

Completed in 2020, the community boasts 157,000 +/- square feet of leasable space, with unit options ranging from a cozy 625-square-foot studio to a spacious three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit of 1,095 square feet. Soleste Bay Village’s architectural design and interior decor are equally impressive. Rendered by Caymares Martin A&E Design, Inc., the community’s elegant architecture and carefully curated artwork create a welcoming atmosphere that blends the style and amenities of urban living with the essence of a boutique neighborhood.

Architectural Firm: Caymares Martin Architecture & Engineer Design, Inc

Caymares Martin Architectural and Engineering Design is a highly respected full-service architectural design firm based in south and central Florida. Founded in 2004 with a vision to improve the quality of living through great architecture and design, the company has built a solid reputation for offering comprehensive architectural and interior design services that are creative, technically proficient, and professional. Led by the principals Olenia Martin and Jose Caymares, the firm’s team of dedicated professionals has designed a multitude of projects throughout Florida, including medium to large-scale buildings that have helped shape the skyline of many communities.

The company’s portfolio includes multifamily residential buildings, mixed-use projects, office buildings, and custom homes, with a total value of over 250 million in properties across Miami. With a focus on delivering good design and excellent service, the firm is committed to creating architecture that speaks of its time and place, but yearns for timelessness.

Structural Engineering Firm: Eastern Engineering Group

Eastern Engineering Group was assigned the responsibility of structurally designing this project. With an impressive area of 525,095 square feet, our team was committed to providing a comprehensive package of signed and sealed structural drawings and calculations, ensuring precision and accuracy throughout the construction process.

We prepared and provided final signed and sealed plans, calculations, and specifications for the project. The comprehensive set of construction documents included general notes, foundation plans, floor framing plans for each story, schedules, building sections, general details, building elevations with fenestration design pressures, and shearwall schedules and reinforcement details.

To ensure clarity and accessibility, the calculations package consisted of a structural calculations report in hard copy, a compact disc containing the final Structural Plans in CAD format, and the Structural Calculations Report in PDF format, as well as files from any structural modeling software utilized.

Eastern Engineering Group was excited to have been part of this remarkable project, which was completed in 2020. We were dedicated to meeting all applicable building codes and standards while pushing the boundaries of modern construction.


**Renderings by Caymares Martin Architecture**


Special Inspection, structural inspections