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Nobe Marina Decorative Facade

Nobe Marina is a stunning new boutique building right on the waterfront, showcasing the best of Art Deco design. Standing tall at five stories, it boasts 16 luxurious units. What sets it apart is the clever inclusion of two parking spaces per unit, made possible by a modern mechanical lift system. Nobe Marina is a perfect blend of timeless style and practical innovation, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate both elegance and convenience.

Our Client: American Architectural Metals & Glass

American Architectural Metals & Glass stands as a pioneering force and frontrunner within the ornamental metals and structural glazing sector. Renowned for its innovative approach, the management team possesses exceptional skills and thorough preparedness, capable of translating any architectural concept into tangible reality. The company’s diverse product portfolio encompasses ornamental railings, wall panels, column covers, grilles/louvers, canopies, structural glazing, stairs, custom metal sculptures, ornamental metalwork, and more. With expertise spanning engineering, manufacturing, and installation, American Architectural Metals & Glass consistently delivers high-quality solutions, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of its operations.


Eastern Engineering Group has been working on the Facade Decorative Structure for the Nobe Marina project. Our team of expert engineers has utilized their knowledge and experience to design detailed shop drawings and furnish calculations that are essential for obtaining permits. The main focus of the project is to create decorative circle path structures using aluminum as the primary material. These structures are strategically placed on the exterior of the building, adding both aesthetic appeal and structural significance to the overall facade of the Nobe Apartments.

Fun Facts

Did you know that the architectural brilliance behind the Nobe Marina project is orchestrated by the esteemed firm, CDS Architecture and Planning? Specializing in urban design, CDS is renowned for its exceptional architectural services and innovative approach to scenario planning. Led by the visionary founding principal, Eduardo A. Pardo-Fernandez, this creative powerhouse navigates the complexities of design, approval, and construction seamlessly within conventional timelines. The firm’s international practice, spearheaded from its vibrant Miami office, reflects a commitment to crafting visionary projects that leave a lasting mark on the architectural landscape.


7925-7935 Crespi Boulevard, Miami Beach FL 33141

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