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Casa Canal

Specialty Engineering – Bridge at Casa Canal

Casa Canal project presents a magnificent waterfront residence, featuring an expansive 15,000 square-foot estate that beautifully marries the artistic vision of Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan with the sophisticated design expertise of interior designers Jader Almeida and Artefacto. This luxurious property boasts six generous bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms, offering a perfect blend of opulence and comfort. Noteworthy is the interior’s captivating feature: a wall of sliding glass doors that seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor spaces. This design element is complemented by warm wooden walls and a transparent glass railing, creating a harmonious connection between the living areas and the serene outdoors.

The Architects : Studio MK27

Studio MK27, founded in the late 1970s by architect Marcio Kogan, is dedicated to the principles of Brazilian modernism. Its projects, including Casa Canal, are characterized by a deliberate emphasis on formal simplicity, showcasing a meticulous approach that reveres every detail. This emphasis is intentional and is a testament to the studio’s dedication to contributing to the rich legacy of Brazilian modernist architecture.


Our team at Eastern Engineering Group had a wide range of responsibilities for the Casa Canal project. Under the leadership of Mr. Mario Morales, our Director of Structural Components, we designed and engineered various elements including the bridge, handrails, gates, glass railings, and fences. Our main focus was to bring the architect’s vision to life, which involved creating a magnificent 60-meter-long undulating bridge. This bridge provided access to the higher level of the house and was elegantly supported by sturdy concrete columns. Vertical protection was skillfully crafted using teak wood slats, ensuring both safety and a dynamic interplay of captivating views.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Casa Canal ‘s exceptional features truly make it stand out? What’s even more remarkable is that this innovative construction, to which Eastern Engineering Group proudly contributed, has been featured in the popular Netflix series, “The Most Extraordinary Houses in the World”! Prepare to be captivated as you witness this breathtaking work of art right on your screen.


4567 Pine Tree Dr Miami Beach, Florida

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