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Specialty Engineering - Children´s Courthouse

Specialty Engineering – Children’s Courthouse

The Children’s Courthouse is a remarkable eleven-story building, boasting a functional design that caters to the needs of the judicial system. With seven floors dedicated to four courtrooms each, it serves as the heart of justice for juveniles in the 11th Judicial Circuit. The main floor provides secure holding cells for both adults and juveniles, ensuring the safety and security of those involved in legal proceedings. Rising above, the top two floors house judges’ chambers, the esteemed Clerk of Courts of the 11th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Division, and various administrative offices, all of which work in unison to uphold the principles of fairness and justice for our youngest citizens.

Our Client: Bachiller Iron Works

Bachiller Iron Works is a trusted name in the construction industry, offering a comprehensive spectrum of construction services. With a wealth of experience spanning many years, they have established themselves as a reliable and efficient choice for all your construction needs. Their commitment to delivering cost-effective construction solutions sets them apart, ensuring that your projects are not only completed with excellence but also within budget.


Eastern Engineering Group played a crucial role in the Children’s Courthouse project by delivering shop drawings and structural design services. Our work encompassed the structural engineering design of various essential components, including steel stairs, railings, an elevator package, and protective features like galvanized steel bollards. Additionally, we provided structural support for folding partitions and a robust galvanized steel ladder for the elevator.

Fun Facts

Did you know that the Children’s Courthouse project meets LEED Silver Certification standards? This prestigious environmental certification reflects the commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in its design and construction. From its energy-saving features to eco-friendly materials, the Children’s Courthouse stands as a beacon of responsible and green architecture, contributing to a more sustainable future for our communities.


112 NW 3rd St. Miami Fl 33128

Year Completed:



Steel Stairs, Railings, Steel Bollards, Steel Ladder
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