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Specialty Engineering - Glass Railings 13 - Centro de Medicina Innovadora

Glass Railings for Center for Innovative Medicine

The Center for Innovative Medicine, nestled in South Miami, stands as a beacon of advanced healthcare and groundbreaking initiatives. Situated within the Innovative Cancer Institute (ICI), this state-of-the-art facility spans over 60,000 square feet across four stories, embodying a commitment to revolutionizing cancer care. With a focus on cutting-edge radiation oncology treatments, the center attracts patients from diverse corners of the globe, providing them with unparalleled medical expertise and compassionate care. Boasting 80 parking spaces, the Center for Innovative Medicine not only prioritizes accessibility but also cultivates a healing environment for patients undergoing transformative cancer treatments. It serves as a testament to the continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence in the realm of medical science.


As part of the Center for Innovative Medicine project, the Eastern Engineering Group played a crucial role in designing and providing documentation for the glass railing system. We were responsible for creating the shop drawings and calculations necessary for obtaining permits. Our team created a meticulously crafted design featuring a Glass Railing with an Aluminum Base Shoe. We ensured that the project complied with all relevant codes and regulations, including the latest edition of the Florida Building Code.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Gresham Smith, the architectural mastermind behind the Center for Innovative Medicine, faced a unique challenge with the project’s site? The property, acquired before their involvement, presented a tight space for Innovative Cancer Institute’s needs. One of the team’s ingenious solutions to address the site’s limitations was the innovative integration of parking on the second, third, and fourth floors. This strategic decision not only met the City of South Miami’s parking requirements but also transformed the access ramp into a distinctive architectural feature.


5995 SW 71 Street, South Miami, Florida 33143

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