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Specialty Engineering - Royal Caribeean Cruise Terminal Hanging Sculpture

Specialty Engineering – Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal Hanging Sculpture

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal, located within the bustling Port of Miami, stands as a testament to cutting-edge maritime infrastructure. Its contemporary and sleek design, complete with modern amenities, guarantees a hassle-free embarkation experience for travelers, setting the stage for an unforgettable cruise vacation. This impressive 170,000 square-foot terminal, characterized by its striking curtain walls system (which Eastern Engineering Group also engineered) and distinctive peaks that mirror the iconic RCCL logo, not only ranks among the most costly but also epitomizes the pinnacle of sophistication in cruise terminal architecture.

Our Client: Studio Tomas Saraceno

Studio Tomas Saraceno GmbH is an innovative artist studio based in Berlin, Germany. Led by the visionary artist Tomas Saraceno, the studio pushes the boundaries of art and science, exploring the intersections between architecture, biology, and sustainability. Known for their groundbreaking installations and collaborative projects, Studio Tomas Saraceno creates immersive experiences that challenge our perception of space and our relationship with the environment. With a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and experimentation, the studio embraces a holistic approach to art-making, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of the natural world and envision new possibilities for a more sustainable future. Through their thought-provoking works, Studio Tomas Saraceno continues to inspire and provoke dialogue about the pressing issues of our time.


Eastern Engineering Group played a crucial role in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal project by undertaking a significant scope of work, which primarily focused on shop drawing design and calculations for the hanging sculpture. Our expertise was instrumental in crafting detailed and precise designs and calculations for the permitting process, specifically for this prominent project component: the Three Clouds Suspended Artwork, constructed from steel and positioned within the terminal’s interior. We ensured that their design adhered to the most up-to-date requirements outlined in the Florida Building Code, as well as other pertinent industry standards and codes

Fun Facts

Did you know that the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal, also known as the “Crown of Miami” for its distinctive architectural design, is setting a new standard in the world of cruise terminals? This state-of-the-art facility has revolutionized the boarding process by incorporating facial recognition technology. Passengers can now embark on their cruise seamlessly, without the need for traditional paper documents or physical identification checks. This cutting-edge innovation not only enhances convenience but also enhances security, making the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal a true gem in the world of modern travel.


Port of Miami, 2000 North Cruise Blvd, Miami FL 33132

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