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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

“Swimming Pool” is an extraordinary art installation created by the talented Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich. The masterpiece is well-known for its captivating, illusionary effects that challenge viewers’ perceptions of reality. The installation was displayed at the Pérez Art Museum Miami and was part of an immersive exhibition that included iconic artworks by Erlich. The large-scale pool is renowned for its optical illusion, as it appears to have a shimmering blue surface with a set of stairs leading into the water. However, upon closer inspection, visitors discover that the apparent water surface is actually a suspended layer of acrylic glass. The clever illusion encourages them to walk on it and experience the sensation of submersion without getting wet. Erlich’s “Swimming Pool” has been exhibited in several cities worldwide, including New York, London, and Tokyo, and made its debut in Miami in 2022. This innovative and immersive artistic concept continues to captivate audiences.

Our Client: Arte A Produções

At the heart of Arte A Produções lies the philosophy that art is not merely a creation but a nexus of encounters—a convergence of artists and their audiences, expressions and gazes, experiences and feelings. Since its inception in 2006, Arte A has been a vanguard in fostering these connections, dedicated to bringing the world’s art to Brazil and vice versa. Anchored by a seasoned and dynamic multidisciplinary team, led by partners Rodolfo de Athayde and Ania Rodríguez, Arte A infuses its art and culture projects with a wealth of experience and passion.


Eastern Engineering Group played a crucial role in the successful execution of the Swimming Pool project. Our team provided oversight for the design and structural planning of key components, including the Pool Framing. For the framing, we created shop drawings and calculations required for permitting, and utilized aluminum and acrylic sheet materials. Additionally, we contributed to the design of the Deck around the Pool, which was constructed using aluminum. We were honored to collaborate with Arte A Produções on this project and are grateful for the trust they placed in us as their chosen structural engineering firm.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Leandro Erlich, the artistic mind behind “Swimming Pool” showcases his creative genius in the mesmerizing world of “Liminal”? This exhibit features large-scale installations, inviting visitors into a space of wonder and uncertainty. The title, “Liminal,” reflects Erlich’s exploration of transitional spaces between two states—a theme prominently embodied in the exhibit’s centerpiece, the iconic “Swimming Pool.”
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