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Concrete Beams With Lateral Reinforcement - Vigas de Hormigón

Enhancing Strength: Concrete Beams with Lateral Reinforcement

Beams or bending elements are normally subjected to bending moments in relation to their horizon…
Wooden Beams Reinforced with Steel Plates|Plan-view-of-covered-terrace|Loads-on-the-beam-B-1|Solution-with-three-sections-(3)-2×8|Solution-with-interleaved-steel-plate|Reinforcement-with-1/4-in.-×-7-in.-steel-plate|Screw-distribution in-the-central-and-support-areas-P.1|Screw-distribution in-the-central-and-support-areas-P.2|Loads-acting-on-a-beam|Engineering-steel-supports-wood-beams|wooden beams reinforced

Process of Reinforcing Wooden Beams

To achieve the objective of this work, the legalization of a covered terrace will be used as an …
Reinforcement of a Concrete Beam|Detail-of-the-extension-and-existing-beam-P.1|Detail-of-the-extension-and-existing-beam-P.2|Detail-of-the-extension-and-existing-beam-P.3|Elevation-and-cross-section-of-the-reinforced-concrete-beam-P.1|Elevation-and-cross-section-of-the-reinforced-concrete-beam-P.2|Connectors-along-the-beam|Connectors-at-the-ends-of-the-beam|Connectors-in-ends-that-are-not-the-same|Final-Design|Reforzamiento De Una Viga De Concreto|Reinforcement of a Concrete Beam

Reinforcement of a Concrete Beam: Everything you Need to Know

During the process of extending a home, a contractor will demolish a load-bearing wall. The rein…
Steel Beam Reinforcement|Steel beam reinforcement|Steel Beam|Steel beam and bars|Steel beam reinforced welded|Steel beam welded|Steel beam welding reinforcement|steel beam reinforcement

Everything you Need to know about Steel Beam Reinforcement.

1. Introduction On certain occasions, changes to the structure arise, causing an increase in …
Skin Reinforcement|Skin reinforcement|Skin Reinforcement|Skin Reinforcement|Skin reinforcement|Skin Reinforcement|Skin Reinforcement|Skin Reinforcement|skin Reinforcment|Skin Reinforcement|Skin Reinforcement Figures 1-2|Final Figure of Skin Reinforcement

Skin Reinforcement

DESIGN GUIDES Introduction ACI 318 modified the criteria for determining skin reinforcemen…
Approximate Bending Stress Formula|Approximate Bending Stress Formula|Approximate Bending Stress Formula|Approximate Bending Stress Formula|Approximate Bending Stress Formula|Approximate Bending Stress Formula|Eastern Engineering Group - Marketing Department|Eastern Engineering Group - Marketing Department|Fórmula aproximada del esfuerzo de flexión Formula Cálculo aproximado del refuerzo de una sección de concreto sometida a la flexión simple|Variation of μu vs ωR for a section subjected to bending|Upper right enlargement of Fig. 3

Estimating Bending Stress: Approximate Formula

Approximate calculation for the Reinforcement of a Section subjected to simple Bending Stress …

Minimum Amount in Concrete Columns

When I began to study the design of concrete, it was established by the ACI-318 design standard,…
Behavior of a Concrete Section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|formula|Behavior of a Concrete Section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section|concrete-section_Page_11|Concrete Section|Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Behavior of a Concrete Section|Comportamiento de una sección de hormigón|Comportamiento de una sección de hormigón|Comportamiento de una sección de hormigón|Example-of-a-section-in-bending-with-reinforcement-to-different-level

Behavior of a Concrete Section

Behavior of a Concrete Section Under Bending and Flexo-Compression Loads at Ultimate Strength …
Champlain Towers Collapse|ChamplainTower2|ChamplainTower|

Champlain Towers Collapse Structural Analysis Revised

After the article about the collapse of Champlain Towers South structural analysis was released,…
Ernesto F. Valdes Professor

Ernesto F. Valdes: Professor, Engineer, and Mentor

Here at Eastern Engineering Group, we value the experience and perspectives the engineers be…
Champlain Towers Collapse Structural Analysis in depth|triburaty-area|Champlain Towers Collapse Structural Analysis in depth|actual-service-loads|punching-shear-failure|factored-load|effective-height|reinforcement|critical-section-perimeter|critical-section-perimeter|negative-reinforcement-in-the-zone-of-level-10-10|strip-of-the-slab-acting-as-a-plane-in-axis-n|area-of-all-the-rebars-in-strip-width|the-effect-of-the-shell-working-as-a-steel-cable|effect-of-the-slab-failing-over-a-column|effect-of-the-slab-failing-over-a-column|maximum-load-on-column-c-of-axis-n-and-9.1|tributary-area|tributary-area|column-n-subjected-to-the-effect-of-the-horizontal-load|column-n-subjected-to-the-effect-of-the-horizontal-load|interaction-diagram-of-column-n|interaction-diagram-of-column-n|different-connections|Champlain Tower V02-FIG 3|strip-of-the-slab-acting-as-a-plane-in-axis-n|Champlain Tower South

Champlain Towers Collapse Structural Analysis in depth

The tragedy of the Champlain Towers collapse took all of us by surprise. Immediately, when I saw…


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