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September Newsletter - Anniversary Edition

September Newsletter – Anniversary Edition

Join us in our September Newsletter to celebrate not only Labor Day on September 4th, but also the wonderful milestone of our 18th anniversary at Eastern Engineering Group. As we honor the contributions of American workers, we also gratefully celebrate 18 years of engineering excellence that have shaped our incredible company. It’s a time for well-deserved rest and reflection on the achievements we’ve accomplished together as we continue to build an innovative future.

We invite you to delve into captivating articles that reveal our dedication to building more than just structures; we’re building moments. As we explore the passage of time, we discover how every instant holds the potential for positive impact. Just like our architectural creations, we believe each moment we share, each achievement we celebrate, and each connection we foster constructs a lasting legacy.

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September Newsletter - Anniversary Edition

ARCHITECTURAL MARVELS : Showcasing Extraordinary Projects We Have Been a Part of

Fienberg-Fisher K-8’s

Is the historic auditorium in Miami Beach underwent renovations to preserve its rich heritage. LIVS Associates, the architectural firm, embraced the building’s legacy while meeting community needs.

September Newsletter - Anniversary Edition

Eastern Engineering Group handled structural engineering, meticulously overseeing every aspect to ensure that the auditorium not only adhered to but also surpassed the rigorous benchmarks of contemporary standards. The school serves a diverse student body and features anti-bullying initiatives, like the ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign, and ‘Student Voices’ program training middle school students against bullying.

September Newsletter - Anniversary Edition



In a world bustling with auditory experiences, we often overlook the challenges faced by the deaf and hard of hearing. Imagine a realm where sounds are silent gestures. This reality underscores the need for architectural adaptations that foster inclusivity.

In our exploration, we venture into the heart of architectural transformations. Architects are merging technology, intuitive design, and understanding of the deaf and hard of hearing to empower and enable. Welcome to a realm where architecture unites as an unseen communicator. Click on the article to learn more.

In our September Newsletter keep in mind that our website offers a plethora of captivating articles that encourage exploration into a wide array of interesting subjects:

Concrete Structures

As we traverse through lively urban landscapes or navigate along extensive highways, we frequently fail to fully appreciate the towering guardians that envelop us – Concrete Structures. These architectural marvels, whether towering skyscrapers or graceful bridges linking distant shores, stand as a tribute to the exceptional engineering mastery that has molded our contemporary world. Beyond their imposing stature, these structures not only shape the environments they grace but also emphasize the astonishing progress made in construction methodologies and materials. Accompany us on a voyage to uncover the essence of these enduring constructions and the valuable insights they offer for the future of the construction industry.

Structural Analysis

The practice of structural analysis serves as the foundational pillar of both engineering and architecture, establishing the solid foundation on which secure and optimal designs are erected. It involves a deep comprehension of the intricate interplay of forces within a structure, guaranteeing the enduring stability and adaptability of buildings, bridges, and a wide spectrum of constructions. Within this thorough investigation, we navigate through the essential significance of structural analysis, unveiling its core principles and techniques, examining its varied categories and methodologies, and accentuating its immense significance in shaping the contemporary global landscape.

Feel encouraged to discover them and enhance your understanding!


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