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Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors. Eastern Engineering Group|structural components|Windows and doors

Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors. Eastern Engineering Group

Eastern Engineering Group is a woman owned Civil and Structural Engineering firm, located in sunny ☀️ Doral, Florida. We help architectural and construction designs fulfill their intended purpose while maintaining their artistic perspective. From the structural calculations of the main framing to all the components and foundations of a structure. Our firm can help you with everything a project can potentially require.  Usually, there are companies that specialize on a single type of engineering or even a subset of Structural Engineering. However, our group is so unique it embodies multiple engineering disciplines under the same company. Five different departments to be precise. Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors, Specialty Engineering for Structural Components and the Inspections Department.

Eastern Engineering Group – Structural and Civil Engineering

Eastern Engineering Group provides civil and structural consulting services to the public and private sectors. Some of our services include: engineering for new construction, remodeling and renovations of existing structures, structural assessments and reports, threshold inspections, construction administration, 40-year re-certifications, new NOA’s and One Time Approvals, paving and drainage plans, grading plans, water and sewer, striping and signage, drainage inspections, specialty engineering components such as: canopies, trellises, railings, stairs, windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls, among others.

Our knowledgeable engineers are skilled in AutoCAD and other structural software to aid with the design of different projects. The firm’s key personnel have over 20 years of experience combined, as well as 4 in-house Professional Engineers. Our experienced engineers and effective workflow allow us to consistently deliver the highest quality of work. Additionally, being able to work within multiple divisions has given us a broad understanding of structures and their engineering.

At Eastern, we feel lucky to have assembled such an amazing team of engineers. This is why we constantly strive to make our employees feel comfortable and appreciated. We love the welcoming community we have created inside our office walls. This has been a big influence on the hospitable way our employees treat our clients. Furthermore, we value the relationships we build with our clients and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to exceed their expectations. We seek to maintain the perfect combination of professionalism, efficiency and trustworthiness.

Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors

Our team of Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors will be able to assist with structural calculations and fully detailed drafting of shop drawings for any type of project. We have experience in new residential, commercial buildings as well as single family homes, re-modeling and custom projects. We have submitted plans for cities throughout South Florida, including but not limited to, Miami Dade County, City of Miami, Coral Gables, as well as others in Broward County.

Our services range from small wind load calculations to full shop drawings including calculation sets with marked NOA’s/FL Approvals, ready to be submitted to the appropriate building department. Our past experiences include interior and exterior systems such as curtain walls, window wall, storefronts, outswings doors, sliding windows and doors, etc. as well as development of one-time approvals and NOA’s from start to finish.

We also have experience designing metal frame structures of all shapes and sizes. Including the anchoring connections to the structure by means of embedded plates and or clip connections. We can also provide Field Condition solutions once the project has started as well as As-built sets. We are fully capable of providing structural calculations to any type of project or system in a timely and effective manner. To learn more about the engineering behind window systems, check out our blog article “Structural Calculations for The Crown of Miami”.

Window NOAs Engineered by Us?

NOA #19-0729.04

NOA #19-0729.05

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