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Structural Engineer Near Me In Florida

Have you taken a moment recently to think about how drastically different the world of business is today, then it was just a few years ago?! The rapid development of information and communication technologies in recent times has radically changed the social and productive organization of North American society. Technological advances including software that generates digital meetings, screen sharing abilities, and real-time information updates, have transformed the manner that business is conducted across multiple industries. This social and professional adjustment made us think of the term “Structural Engineer near me” and how this is the way we would google professionals not very long ago. Is the term near me relevant nowadays?

With the rise of this remarkable technological progress, geographical distance ceased to be an impediment to the direct company-client relationship. Firms can meet with clients virtually anywhere, at any time. This allows companies to advertise themselves globally! Therefore, when trying to search for a company to hire, the term structural engineer near me is no longer as relevant, nor as necessary a parameter for a successful business. 

Remembering the Yellow-Pages

Unthinkable just thirty years ago, today by simply moving your fingertips over the touch screen of a smartphone, computer, tablet, or other electronic devices, you can immediately access enormous volumes of information available across the Internet and through social networks. Several decades ago, client-company contact was established through face-to-face conversation, postal mail and telephone calls. If you were looking up a business, “near-me”, “The Yellow-Pages” is typically where one would start. In case you’re lucky to be young enough to not know what the Yellow-Pages are; picture a giant book delivered to your door, that listed local telephone numbers in alphabetical order, for people and businesses- that yes- so happened to be printed on yellow pages. 😉 Not as user-friendly or instantaneous as the internet; that’s for sure! 

Near me

Technological Advances

Now a days, the multiple ways to create successful business relationships have diversified and optimized. This is due, thanks to the extraordinary technological progress that has occurred over time. Examples of technological advances include: email, “chat” capabilities with representatives on company websites, instant messaging features, and social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Increasingly used throughout businesses, especially in these socially-distanced Covid times, is video-conferences. An array of software and programs now exist that allow for these video-conference capabilities. These include Zoom, Microsoft Teams Meetings, smartphone FaceTime, or the original, Skype! Having this instant access to virtual face-to-face meetings, allows companies to establish relationships and conduct business with real-time updates, all over the globe. Yet again, leaving the term “near-me” to be outdated; specifically, when it comes to the location having an effect on successfully conducting business. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

In our particular case at Eastern Engineering Group, new technologies speed up interactions with clients interested in contracting us for the structural engineering services we offer. In fact, structural engineering happens to be a very competitive sector in the domestic market of the United States. Due to this, establishing clear and open communication with our clients who feel comfortable, is priceless to us. We can also reach an increasing number of users, with viable proposals to undertake, and personalize them down to the smallest detail, in correspondence with the request and the user’s tastes.

Similarly, the current technological scenario based on digitalization facilitates and accelerates our production and commercial management, in its entirety. For example, this includes improvements from the design of the plans to the control of the costs and materials to be used. It also assists with the investment follow-up, video conference meetings, and the final details involved with the completion of the work. 

State-of-the-Art Computers

Today modern computer programs and state-of-the-art computers are the best allies of engineers. For many years, measuring the resistance of a building to support large loads required performing the required physical and mathematical calculations by hand. (If you thought college-level Calculus was bad; this would certainly have been out of your league!) This by-hand-calculation, unfortunately does allow for the possibility of potential human-error. Today, the application of advanced computer programs and software solves this; as well as the use of 3D animation. This allows the engineers to see their creations come to life virtually before bringing them into a physical reality. Clients also benefit from these advancements by getting to see customizable features brought to life before their eyes. 

Commendable Contributions

The use of Common Technology Infrastructures (ICT) has reshaped the world of structural engineering. It has changed not only the way we communicate with clients but improved the ease of doing so. In addition, ICT has contributed to reducing transportation and travel expenses, enhanced the company-user relationship like never before, and increased the speed of service and customer satisfaction! We can offer clients real-time updates of progress, as well as meet virtually face to face at any time! We can meet virtually face-to-face with a client in New York one minute and have a meeting with a client in California the next. An all-round win-win for everyone! 🙂 

Near me

Seamlessly Weaving Science and Art

Civil engineers assume the conception, planning, design, construction and commissioning of essential facilities to satisfy the urgent needs of modern society in the physical sense. Capable of weaving science and art into their daily work, civil engineering professionals are, in the eyes of many Americans, the primary providers of the comfort and high standard of living they enjoy or aspire to achieve. I haven’t seen one myself yet, but I’m convinced they all carry around magic wands. Magical, mathematic wands, if you will! 

From their creativity and expertise, all ranges of luxurious and comfortable apartment buildings and housing complexes are born! Fancy hotels, hydraulic works, supermarkets, sporting arenas, cultural and recreational facilities, bridges, and highways, are all built to their credit! Let us not forget the leading role they assume in both preventing and solving community problems. Issues linked to environmental pollution, road safety, and vehicular traffic congestion, are all improved by civil engineers. Thank you once again, to the structural heroes of our day!

The Original Structural Engineers

Having a structural engineer available 24 hours a day, regardless of the number of miles that separate him from the client, is one of the most commendable contributions of the era of global connection. You can receive the same virtual connection with an engineer across the country, as you can with those locally. It seems as though, through their unstoppable march, engineers will continue to transform people’s lives for the better. As they have quite possibly always done.

Accurate researchers on the subject point out that the beginnings of civil engineering date back to around 2700 BC! This was when the people of Egypt used stone for the first time on a large scale. We’re talking of course about the most iconic structures ever built; as well as still standing- the incredible construction of the pyramids! Talk about the originators of epic-engineering!

Present Day Engineering

Though technology has improved business substantially, engineers still have no small task on their hands. The makings of a successful 21st century engineer, require a specialist with a hefty list of skills. These skills include: comprehensive training, creativity, innovative skill, willingness to work in a team, an entrepreneurial spirit, endowment of ethical principles, and is committed to providing excellent services in their field. 

With technological advances, comes more training, so our engineers can stay up to date with the latest tools. Thankfully, the ease with which technology has allowed for business-client relationships to evolve, has transformed our business for the better. This leads to endless possibilities, leaving geographical restrictions and the term, “near-me” a thing of the past! We can file that right next to the “AOL dial-up internet noise” folder. 😉

© 2022 This article was written and published by Eastern Engineering Group. All rights reserved.


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