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Dive into captivating insights that bridge the gap between industry pros and the curious minds intrigued by structural engineering.
Principal diferencia entre NOA y OTA|Main difference between NOA and OTA?|diferencia entre NOA y OTA

Main difference between NOA and OTA?

On our engineering blog, we want to explain the difference between an NOA and OTA: An NOA or …
¿Qué son los planos de ingeniería estructural?"||planos de ingeniería estructural

“What are Structural Engineer Plans?”

“What are Structural Engineer Plans?” Structural Engineers work long and hard hours to comple…
Top 10 Structural Engineering Firms in Miami|yelp|empresas de ingeniería estructural en Miami

Top 10 Structural Engineering Firms in Miami

Eastern Engineering Group is considered one of the Top 10 Structural Engineering Firms in Miami….
Curtain Wall & Building Envelope Industry Links|industria de la construcción

Curtain Wall & Building Envelope Industry Links

Eastern Engineering Group wants to be your source for knowledge about the building industry and …

News for Glass Contractors

CALLING ALL GLASS CONTRACTORS Curious as to where to use laminated tempered glass for your projec…
Inspecciones de recertificación

40 Year Recertification Inspections: Services

Eastern Engineering Group has been conducting 40 Year Recertification inspections for years. We …
Miami-Dade recertificación de 40 años|miami-dade_logo_color

40 Year Recertification: Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County, among various other municipals in Florida, has implemented the 40 year recert…


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