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Structural Engineering Companies Collaborating with Students|Empresas de ingeniería estructural que colaboran con estudiantes|Structural Engineering Companies Collaborating with Students|Structural Engineering Designs

Structural Engineering Companies Collaborating with Students

Did you know Eastern Engineering Group is not only interested in building a better world, but is also invested in helping students build their dream-lives as well?! Well, I’m here today to throw you all the juicy details like the confetti celebrating your structural-engineering future! Our student initiatives program, is one we hold near and dear to our hearts. Offering hands-on experience and witnessing real life problem-solving techniques has proven to be priceless for some of our interns. And in turn, the value they have equally offered us, has rendered nothing less than pure bliss; refreshing our passion for the careers we have come to love.

Tell Me More! What are the Options?!

There are three main student initiatives programs we offer today at Eastern Engineering Group. First, we have a Structural Engineering Internship program, where students can truly experience the day-to-day atmosphere of working within the company and industry. Secondly, we offer student tours; also available to the public, in case you’re not a student but are still interested! Last but certainly not least, is a program we’ve created called “What’s the Scope?” where students interview the actual engineers and designers of an impressive structure of their choosing. Let’s dive in a little deeper and explore the excitement of each opportunity!

Structural Engineering Internship Program

Internship 101

First up on our list of student initiatives; Internship Programs! Are you familiar with the term internship? In case you’re not, let’s brush up! An “intern” is a trainee. A student signs a contract with an organization for a short period of time. The primary purpose of an internship is to allow students to gain real-life, hands-on experience within the industry they desire to work in, while also receiving a college credit towards their degree. It allows students to actually put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired at their university. In addition, they see firsthand real scenarios and events that happen within the company that may not be incorporated into text-book lessons.

Priceless Lessons

This includes experiencing the dynamic of the company, recognizing social behaviors, and witnessing how the workers co-exist professionally in a happy, healthy, and productive work manner. In addition, the student will have access to see how the experts in their field communicate with not only one another, but other businesses and potential clients. Gaining this first-hand experience offers priceless lessons! And watching experts overcome modern day obstacles daily is not only incredibly educational- but is also exciting to see!

Eastern Engineering Group: Here To Help With Your Internship Dream!

Eastern Engineering Group has proudly offered student internship programs for several years now, and there’s no stopping us now! Our company holds our interns in the highest regard. We maintain a special relationship with the students, even after they’ve completed their internships, and are always here to offer support!

Our collaboration with students provides them with a rich work experience; allowing them to develop and strengthen their skills in the real-life field. Through this process, it is our goal for the student to become a confident, successful business professional. Our commitment is to provide students with a high-quality internship, in a happy and collaborative environment. The wisdom and practice accumulated by our specialists is something we are proud to share. From Eastern Engineering Group, students leave with applied knowledge that offers great technical competitiveness, for when the future job hunt is on!

A Day In The Life: The Role of Our Interns

So, what does an intern do? Typically, their primary role is to assist the engineers to achieve company goals. Students shadow engineers in real-life projects and witness the design process from start to finish. Additionally, they apply what they’ve learned in school regarding AutoCAD software and get hands-on access to the program. Having students actually work with the program themselves, allows them the opportunity to learn all the ins-and-outs of the software, and become comfortable and confident in their skills. This helps support the general and technical studies they’ve learned in school and allows them to apply it to real-life situations and events. Interns also will learn time management techniques that will help them successfully meet deadlines throughout their careers.

Intern Responsibilities…

Furthermore, the responsibilities of interns include entering, updating, and maintaining databases. In addition, they design projects according to precise specifications, maintain and update records on suppliers, materials, customers, and perform calculations, as well as improve designs. Interns also even develop projects, create workshop plans with their respective calculations, and work with specialized administrative software created by the company itself.

All structural engineering interns are assigned a team engineer who reviews their work as projects progress. This team engineer is here to help; so any questions along the way, students are encouraged to ask away!  Here at Eastern Engineering Group, we are all one team. Because of this, it is our hope that through our mentorship students will also in turn learn how to work successfully as a fellow teammate, learn how to resolve team issues, and share responsibility along the way.

Join the EEG Fam!

It is actually our camaraderie, and family-like values we share as a team, that our employees love the most about EEG. Employees here are always looking to make others feel welcomed and included. Are you interested in joining our astoundingly knowledgeable, brilliantly skillful, warm and welcoming family?! If so, I’ve got great news! We offer internships for Spring, Summer, AND Fall semesters! If you would like to become a part of our incredible team for a semester, email us at: Monique is our Director of Marketing and Public Relations and has an authentic passion for all our student initiative programs. She takes a personal interest in each and every one of our interns and wishes nothing more than to set them up for success for their bright futures ahead.

Student Tours

Second, on our options for student initiatives: Eastern Engineering Group also offers student tours! Take a glimpse into the life of our skilled engineers at work. This can either be a personalized student tour, or for a collective group of students. All company tours are typically an hour long. Throughout this time, students will visit all departments and shadow an engineer in each department for a closer look. Furthermore, they will get to see official AutoCAD plans, as well as pictures and projections of projects currently being worked on. Student tours are a great way to get a first-hand peek at some of the daily responsibilities our engineers are faced with every day.

Come visualize your future and take the tour yourself! Interested? Time again to e-mail our girl, Ms. Monique Casanova at ! She’ll be happy to set you up with a tour and accommodate your schedule! 

What’s the Scope?!

Last, is our student initiative, “What’s the Scope?”! Okay, so I bet you’re asking WHAT IS “What’s the Scope?”. What’s the Scope is a student initiative that involves students interviewing professional engineers or architects and talking one-on-one with skilled experts. First, students pick a structure of their choosing. Once chosen, EEG contacts the engineers and architects of the structure to see if they are willing to conduct an interview with us. In the meantime, students come up with questions related to the structure. If the engineers or architect company is open to the interview, students then have the opportunity to ask those who know the structure best! EEG stays very hands on throughout the entire process; including passively hosting the interview, while the students take the reins on the questions. If they need any help, we are right there to assist every step of the way! 

Want a better example? Check out one of the interviews below!

Ready for more exciting news?! We offer this program to all students alike, not just our interns! If YOU are interested in conducting your very own interview with engineering masters, supported by our guidance and assistance along the way; we’re here to make that wish a reality! You already know who to contact! Oh Moniqueeee! 😉

Who’s Teaching Who?

Opening the doors to future engineers has been invigorating. We’ve fallen in love with our student initiative programs at EEG, and truly enjoy the presence of the students here. We learn as much from our students as they learn from us. They help revitalize our own love for the industry. It has proven to be a true pleasure to be surrounded by them, and their enthusiastic fresh energy.

Even after the internships are over it is not uncommon to see one of our proud grads around the office. We love it when our students visit, as each of them holds a special place in our hearts. We stand by our students and are continually here to help them with their future aspirations in any way we can. 

Structural Engineering Companies Collaborating with Students

Perfect for Our Programs!

If you have a passion for structural engineering, and your sights are set on a future in the industry; we’d love to hear from you! Join our internship program and become a part of the family. Not ready for that much commitment yet? No stress! Take a tour, a meet the friendly faces that warm the office on the regular. Impressed by a structure you’d just love to know the inner workings of? Become a part of our, “What’s the Scope?”, student initiative. Let’s set up that exciting interview and get some behind-the-scenes answers! All in all, we are happy to help the future engineers of tomorrow conquer their professional dreams. As well as our forever grateful, for the value they equally provide with their electric, and enthusiastic energy. May we build a more beautiful tomorrow, together!

©️ 2022 Eastern Engineering Group wrote and published this article. All rights reserved.


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