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What's the Scope?

What’s the Scope? A New Initiative for Students!

What’s the Scope? is a new initiative for engineering and architectural students hosted by Eastern Engineering Group. If you are a student that wants to participate in this “Scooping” contest, you will be assigned a series of activities to complete via social media. Before each contest, our firm will be releasing the rules through our website and social media platforms. Make sure you stay tuned! Finally, whoever successfully completes each assignment the fastest, wins the chance to participate in this fun project we have created!

The lucky winners get to pick a structure that they admire in Miami or its surroundings. After this, Eastern Engineering Group will contact the architect and/or engineer who worked on this project. The firm will then confirm if they would be willing to answer the questions these students have. Finally, the student will get to meet the brilliant minds behind the project they selected through a Zoom meeting. This interview broadcasted on all Eastern Engineering Group’s social media platforms! Win the chance to speak to firms you absolutely admire by participating in this project!

What’s the Scope? – These are the Rules!

  1. You have to be a Civil Engineering Student or Architecture Student. (We will open this initiative to more disciplines in the future).
  2. The student must be a member of ASCE (America Society of Civil Engineers), AIA, or any similar society. We will confirm if the student is a member of the association they claim to be a part of.
  3. If you do not belong to any society or association, you will have to write a paragraph explaining why your experience or relevant extracurricular activities should earn you the opportunity to speak to your design idols.
  4. The student must follow Eastern Engineering Group on Instagram. (You will be able to access the contests through Eastern Engineering Group’s Instagram account. Hence, the student must have an Instagram account or access to one)

Eastern Engineering Group’s Initiative for Students

We love students! Every semester we love having a new face that comes to experience a glance at what we live as structural engineers. During the Fall semester of 2019, we became really involved with engineering students at FIU and ASCE FIU Chapter. We joined their beach cleanups, we volunteered for mock interviews, and we even participated in one of their game nights. Being surrounded by students showed us the value of having fresh, enthusiastic minds working around us and speaking about their ideas. We started learning about the extracurricular activities students plan and participate in, and this was something we were really impressed with.

As we started to hang out with the students, we noticed the love they have for their major and how much they enjoy teamwork. They were very curious about how engineering companies work and how this teamwork would evolve once they graduated. Accordingly, our firm decided to expand our internship program into a rotational internship where they get to shadow professionals in each of our departments. Additionally, we invite students to come to tour our offices every semester. We also write blog articles explaining our day-to-day jobs in a very friendly and dynamic way. These articles are easy to understand, and they explain the role that structural engineers have in society. This is with the objective of answering complex questions in a simple way for everyone to enjoy engineering the way we do.

What’s the Scoop on this Project?

For a long time, our company has been looking for different ways to help students be more prepared for the engineering environment that awaits them. Therefore, The “What’s the Scope?”  Project was born, and the virtual interviews’ initiative became more relevant than ever with the re-enforcement of a global quarantine. We want engineering and architectural students to have the opportunity to meet design professionals to learn about the necessary teamwork and various phases from concept to reality. We are very excited about this project, and we hope you all enjoy it!

To watch “What’s the Scope?” live, subscribe here.

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